Achieve More With Smart Goals

Achieve More With Smart Goals

Why Set Goals?
Paul J Meyer Founder Of Success Motivation International Says:  "Success Is The Progressive Realization Of Worthwhile, Predetermined Personal Goals."

What Are The Qualities Of Good Goals?
They are:

  • Progressive — with the ability to change and reach new results
  • Predetermined — long term vision reflected in present action
  • Worthwhile — active pursuit of core values; passion
  • Personal — alignment with strengths and personal value system
  • Realizable with  check points; yardstick for progress built in;

Today you hear lots of information about personal growth and personal development. You are bombarded with personal development products of all kinds’ so how do you find your way through ?:

  • Assess your needs and clarify your goals
  • Choose a  course of action and tools to achieve the results desired.
  • Analyze potential obstacles and help to design solutions

It will help you use your unlimited potential to choose your own personal goals for success. The program has been developed to allow busy people to absorb the program easily and quickly.

Once you have decided for yourself what is foremost in importance, you can determine easily where you want to go, which goals to pursue, and in what order. Establishing clear personal priorities allows you to plan for the future in a logical, reasonable, and organized way.

This program will help you design your destiny and unleash the sleeping GIANT that lies dormant in you. This life-changing program includes:

Topics covered:

  • Setting and achieving your personal goals
  • Setting your imagination free
  • Realizing your unlimited potential
  • Finding the courage to set and achieve goals
  • Understanding the five keys to success through goal setting
  • Giving direction to your dreams
  • Understanding self-motivation and goal setting
  • Learning the importance of visualization -- the dream machine
  • Harnessing the power of affirmation
  • Planning your life with positive expectancy    

Order Your Free copy of  12 Step Goal Setting Guide:

How to achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible

  • 2 Elements of Goal-setting That Dramatically Increase the Likelihood of You Achieving Your Goals
  • The Primary Reason People Fail to Achieve Their Goals and Ways to Ensure You Don’t Make the Same Mistake
  • An Exercise That Will Help You Plan and Achieve Your Goals For the Entire Next Year.

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A proven, step-by-step process for moving forward toward ANY goal – no matter how big or small

  • A Tip You Can Use EVERYDAY to Feed Your Mind - and Make Each Day Flow More Smoothly
  • Why Your Weakest Skill is Often the Determining Factor of Your Success - and How to Overcome it Starting Immediately
  • The "Momentum Principle of Success" - and How Seeking Security is Leading to Missed Opportunities.


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