Adult Midbrain Activation

Adult Midbrain Activation

Ruwan’s  Adult  Midbrain Activation Program(Ramp)

Adult Midbrain Activation - Your path to Higher Consciousness.

What is  Ruwan’s. Mid-Brain Activation for Adults?

  • Mid Brain activation for adults is a special program to awaken the hidden potential of the human brain
  • The aim of  mid-brain activation is to help us engage the subconscious in a full state of awareness and in conscious control.

How does MBA lead to Higher Consciousness?
 Both the conscious and the subconscious   states of the mind are by nature interconnected and interactive although the conscious mind may not be aware of it.  
These two states of the mind are  represented by the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and  the synergy between these two  states forms the  Holistic State of Mind.
When we establish  the holistic state of mind in full awareness and in conscious control we are able to  unleash the mind’s   unlimited capacity  far beyond ordinary  standards.

This condition allows human beings to make amazing improvements in their personal and professional performances. This view is also by the eminent Japanese educator, Dr Makoto Shichida

“If a person develops his interbrain, he will acquire a memory that will allow him to never forget whatever he has seen or heard once….”

“However, once you learn how to access the interbrain… you can become a super human.”

Modern science is now confirming what mystics and shaman have claimed for thousands and thousands of years – we have a “higher” aspect of our being, and it is directly connected to a dynamic source of conscious energy that is far more expansive than our individual selves. Did you realize that your body actually does have three physical eyes? The mysterious “third eye” has been long been pondered by mystics, who believe the “inner vision” of our third eye is our natural connection to a source of higher energy and consciousness.

As we grow up, our dominant state of the mind shifts from the subconscious to the conscious .  As a result, adults are much more dependent on the  conscious mind  than children.

This dependency on the conscious mind  causes access to the realms of the subconscious more difficult for the adults. Hence the need for the midbrain to be activated  to enable adults to re -gain this access to the subconscious mind.

What are the immediate benefits?

  •  Extraordinary increase in virtual capacity of the brain to prevent vulnerability towards stress.
  • Ability  to establish the holistic state of mind.
  •  Ability to consciously access and assess meta-physical modality stored in the realms of the subconscious.
  •  Significant improvements in intuition, instincts, sensing ability and degree of clairvoyance.
  • Significantly improve the quality performance and results in daily life.
  •  Ability to establish and maintain healthy relationships and networks- MasterMind Principle..
  •  Opens more doors to the unlimited inner-skills and inner-self empowerment.
  •  More easily  connect to the divine intelligence.

Some of the exercises to train in this workshop:

  •  Activation of Bio-electromagnetic Energy
  •  Sighting one’s own and other people’s Body Energies
  •  Sensing one’s own and other people’s Body Energies (human vibrations)
  •  Detect and identify different objects and people through the different feels of vibrations
  •  Mental Telepathy and Mental Virtualization
  •  Alpha Concentration, Progressive Meditation and Application
  •  A touch of Theta Concentration
  •  Advance breathing methods for short meditation

An evolutionary jump...
You may, at some time, have had a "peak experience," an ecstatic moment or a moment of greater understanding, when your consciousness expanded - and you knew it. When this occurs, the integration between left brain (logical thinking) and right brain (intuitive feelings and emotions) is manifested in increased energy-flow between the two sides.

This is thinking and feeling in the  Holistic State of Mind . It is a foretaste of an evolutionary jump for humanity - a new level of mental maturity, an awakening. These are the very factors which our courses aim to demonstrate and develop. By learning how to arouse the whole brain, selectively and at will, the mode of consciousness may be freely altered, appropriate to the task or situation - whether a crisis, making music, relaxing, mental arithmetic, brainstorming, or contemplating nature.

In this new wide-awake consciousness, the world seems to be full of possibilities - it possesses a strong sense of rediscovered meaning. This is nothing mystical, it is essentially ordinary consciousness, operating for once at its proper efficiency.

"When we pull back and get, for a moment, the 'bird's eye' view of life, it reveals meanings that are ungraspable by the narrow focus of our usual worm's eye view" --Colin Wilson

Researchers tell us that one side of the brain is usually cut off from the other, and that most of the time, little of the potential capacity of the brain is actually in use. Brain studies have shown that people who are functioning optimally have a high level of inter-hemispheric communication and that the two sides are working in synchrony, as described above. Also overall arousal is higher and under conscious control - this is the skill of sustained concentration.

Our  Mind Development courses are designed to achieve these aims by a step-by-step gradient approach, which ensures that all appropriate stages of development are in their natural sequence. Misunderstood words, how to study, principles of communication, listening and questioning skills, concentration, visualization, reading skills, memory, restored body-image, speed of thought, creativity and intuition are just some of the subjects which you will master. This will give you an objective understanding and control of your own mind and equally a new understanding and empathy with others.

Available Formats:

  • Centre/ City/ Country License
  • Live Workshop ( Venue & dates TBA)
  • Online Course.
  • Affiliate Program


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