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Program #1. Coping Strategies : Exercises, Visualizations, And Meditations For Young People And People With Any Intellectual Disability to help with feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed. Program #2. Ruwan’s Adult Mind Management Programs (RAMP) : The internet is full of various programs on Mind Management, Mind Development, Mind power etc. RUWANS ADULT MIND MANAGEMENT PROGRAM ( RAMP) is an attempt to bring together these various resources on Mind management and make them available at zero or low cost. Program #3. M. I. N. D. : MIND is a collection / archive/ library/ vault of the finest cutting edge programs on self development produced by leading companies in the Self Help Industry such as Mind Valley, Brian Tracy International, Udemy , NeuroGym, Brain Evolution, Gaia, to name just a few. Our aim is to bring you the best programs available at low cost and to reduce your time in searching. Program #4. Personal Mission Statement : Discover the importance of a personal mission statement, and how you can create one for yourself, for free. Take my friend Brian Tracy up on his free offer now: Program #5. The Miracle of Self Discipline : Claim your free gift – The Nine Rules of Self Discipline. Program #6. "How to Become an Author and then a Published Author- in 20 Steps." : This is your chance to get access to my friend Brian Tracy's brand-new content-packed quick start guide, "How to Become an Author and then a Published Author- in 20 Steps." Program #7. Elite Self-Improvement Programs 70% Off! : To help you Achieve All of Your Goals Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible  Programs such as the Maximum Achievement Affirmation CD, The Miracle of Self Discipline, and DOZENS of others are all up for grabsâ€Â¦ some for as much as 60% off the regular price. Program #8. The Science Of Self Confidence : Whether you’re looking to improve your time management, achieve your goals, increase your business or sales performance, or strengthen your relationships with your family and loved ones, you’re guaranteed to find something that fits your needs in this sale. All strong achievers have one characteristic in common... can you guess what it is? Program #9. 30 Best Of Brian Tracy : The Best of Brian Tracy is scientifically proven and road tested, and it is the complete, powerful lineup of tools for success!. You hold the power to achieve your objectives – all you have to do is take action and move forward, making adjustments as necessary. Program # 10. The Psychology Of Achievement : Your free guide to:The ONE thing ALL human beings share in common – and what the philosopher Aristotle said we all must do in order to achieve happiness. The 3 ingredients of success – and how to get them- Findings from recent psychological research that prove you CAN change your performance- Where and how to start defining your personal code – so you can live by it- Why your true values are about what you do – not what you hope, say, wish or intend- How to change your life. Program #11. Goals Mastery : Get Brian Tracy’s 14 Step Goal Setting Guide 100% free... so the journey to achieving all your life’s dreams starts today . Program # 12. Wealth Building Made Simple : Even though we live in the most affluent country in the world, where most people earn and spend a fortune in the course of their working lifetimes, why is it that the majority ends up dependent on social security, pensions and relatives when they retire? Program # 13. Time management made simple : GET YOUR FREE BOOK How To Stop Procrastinating And Get More Done In Less Time- Based on the international best-selling book. Program # 14. How To Write A Book And Become A Published Author : Should You Write A Book? Discover If You Have What It Takes To Be An Author With 5 Easy Questions Program # 15. The Brain Evolution System : The Brain Evolution Systemâ„¢ is an accelerated meditation program that, almost instantly, puts your mind into the "zone" for improved mental performance, relaxation and higher brain functioning.

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