Genius Mind Power (GMP) Reading

Genius Mind Power (GMP) Reading

Do you realize you are reading this page using a technique you learned at junior school?

Do you want to develop it?

This is what Genius Mind Power Reading™ can do for you :

  • Read Faster - We will show you how to read faster - much faster
  • Read Better - bypass the 'padding' and go direct to the substance of what you are reading
  • Read smarter;  Improve the way you use your eyes to see the words
  • Devlop your whole mind - integrate your conscious thinking with your non-conscious thinking - developing the untapped skills of intuition and insight.

Develop Brain Synergy
develop analytical and critical learning skills using Tony Buzan's technique of Mind Mapping TM.

Think Brighter
as your brain develops an encyclopedic capacity read and Mind Map TM a book in under an hour.

Better Analysis
through Synoptic Reading, research and analyze six books at one time

Ask yourself -
If successful people read a book a week, what would it be like if you could read a book a day and with improved comprehension?

Improving your reading is not just about going faster; it is about changing your approach to reading. You can, by changing the way you look at words, effectively download the contents of a book into your non-conscious long-term memory, at speeds of over a page a second. Genius Mind Power Reading™ will have you reading at speeds of 20,000 to 30,000 words per minute.

How it works:
Genius Mind Power Reading™ is a whole-brain approach to reading using the latest knowledge of how the brain processes information. It unites the logic of the left brain with the conceptual abilities of the right and integrates the conscious and non-conscious minds to process written information.

Is it different to Speed Reading?

YES! Speed Reading is doing what you learnt at school but faster, possibly up to 1,000 words per minute. Genius Mind Power Reading™ gives a 20 to 30-fold improvement over Speed Reading AND with improved comprehension. It makes what you read more meaningful and personal, giving a richer, more valuable insight and understanding.

More about Genius Mind Power Reading™

  • Genius Mind Power Reading™ is a technique developed by Raymond Fernando, after studying such famous methods as PhotoReading, Subliminal Dynamics, Reading Genius, Light Speed Reading and Quantum Speed Reading.
  • Genius Mind Power Reading™ is about you being able to absorb written material, primarily from books, at speeds of between 20,000 to 30,000 words per minute. It is in effect like you being able to download the contents of a book into your long term, non-conscious memory and then being able to use or recall the information as and when wanted.
  • The actual process of Genius Mind Power Reading™ does not set out to improve your conscious knowledge of what you have ‘read’.
  • The awareness of what you have ‘read’ may come through changes in your behavior. For example individuals who have Quantum Read books on their particular hobby or sport have found their game improve without consciously knowing what is in the book.
  • If you just want the information there for later. You will find that when you want to know it, you will know it, but you may not know that you knew it!
  • Or you may want to know what is in the book you have just Quantum Read. We show you how to pull out all the information you need to satisfy your purpose, but fast. We expect students to be able to Quantum Read a normal sized book, understand and mind map its contents, in well under an hour.
  • Genius Mind Power Reading™ is not the same as 'normal' reading but faster. Nor is it about developing a photographic or eidetic memory. It is a completely different approach to absorbing written material.
  • An analogy is comparing walking with running; both have similar actions but running is faster. On the same scale, Genius Mind Power Reading™ would be like driving a powerful sports car! We will show you how to quickly reach your destination whilst driving the car to its full potential.

Genius Mind Power Reading™ is purpose driven and primarily for reading non-fiction, after all what enjoyment is there in reading a novel in 30 minutes? Therefore Genius Mind Power Reading™ is ideal if :

  • You have to keep abreast of developments within your profession,
  • You are in full time education, a mature student, or studying through ‘distance learning’,
  • You are engaged in pure research, research for writing a book or for finding out about a client’s - business, product or market
  • You see Genius Mind Power Reading™ as part of your personal development.


Genius Mind Power Reading™ is often compared to ‘fire-walking’. Once you have fire walked there is an inner confidence in being able to say, "if I can walk over hot coals what is there I cannot do?"

  • With Genius Mind Power Reading™ we give you renewed confidence as you revisit your relationship with reading and paper management.
  • For some the joy of reading is rediscovered, for others it is knowing that they can get through the volume of reading they have to, understanding everything needed to satisfy their purpose and being able to do it within the time available.
  • And just as individuals who have fire walked, are not expected to fire walk every day, we do not expect you to Quantum Read everything - but you can if you want to!
  • As stated, the course is based on Genius Mind Power Reading™ however, there are supporting and complementary techniques to enable you to manage other parts of your mind.


  • It is important to appreciate that Genius Mind Power Reading™ is very different to 'traditional' reading.
  • It is not the same as reading at 20,000 + wpm in the 'normal' way, nor is it about developing an eidetic or photographic memory of what has been seen. It is about, effectively, 'down loading' the content of the written material into your non-conscious mind and/or your behavior.
  • It should also be appreciated that the course covers a whole range of reading skills and learning techniques and is not just about reading at these exceptionally high speeds.

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