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Professor Makoto Shichida is a highly respected figure in Japan and increasingly around the world as his revolutionary method of stimulating children’s brains from the age of three months is changing the way we understand how children learn.    

The Shichida Method has been used in Japan for over 25 years and is backed by 40 years of research into developing techniques to stimulate the early development of the brain.     

The Basic Principles
The Shichida Method is based on several main principles.

  • All children are born geniuses
  • Importance of parent-child bonding
  • The dominance of the right brain

Born Genius
Professor Shichida believes that all children are born as geniuses and the purpose of education is not to teach knowledge but to create a child with enormous abilities and potential.

Shichida says the difference between his method and others is that it is “Based on love, heart and mind and focuses on children’s wishes to help others.”

During the early years, when your baby’s brain cells are rapidly growing and making new connections, Shichida says is the best time to tap into your baby’s innate human abilities, capacities that all children are born with. These include;

  • Photographic memory       
  • Creativity       
  • Rapid calculations
  • Languages

Parent-Child Bonding

  • The Shichida Method works on the principle of a strong, stress-free parent-child bond. The course requires that parents;
  • Carry out course related activities with their children at home everyday
  • Are continuously aware of their child at home
  • Spend 30 minutes a day to practice with their child in order to continue brain learning.

The method also encourages you to focus on your child’s brain development rather than their academic performance.

The Right Brain
The Shichida Method focuses on the right side of your baby’s brain which Prof Shichida calls the genius brain as it develops first. Up until a child starts school, between the ages of 4 and 6, he will use the right side of his brain more than the left. However, between four and six years old a child falls out of the habit of using his right brain. Because of this, the Shichida Method is best used during the critical window of training, between the ages of 0-3 years old.

Professor Shichida says, “The younger that children start, the easier to draw out and retain their genius ability.”

Children who have followed this method have excelled in many areas including;

  • Higher IQs
  • Bilingual and multilingual
  • Intuitive
  • Musical abilities
  • Artistic talents
  • Emotional and personality traits
  • Photographic memory

The method is designed to stimulate the right brain to benefit the whole brain so the main focus throughout the early years is on the right side of the brain.

  • Images – the right side of the brain is the ‘image’ side, meaning it works with visual stimulation
  • Stimulation – the right brain is best stimulated by repetition and continuance, focusing primarily on the five senses
  • Subconscious – the right brain enables your child to learn subconsciously
  • Information – the right brain can process large amounts of information at high speeds
  • Connectivity – by educating the right brain and connecting it to the left you can effectively fully educate the whole brain to it’s fullest potential

The results for thousands of children educated in the early years using the Shichida Method have proved many times how the system can work. Professor Shichida says, “These children are tapping powers we never knew existed as if they are perfectly normal. Watching them rapidly memorize enormous amounts of information and recall with precision and understanding, predict future events, improve their athletic ability instantaneously serve as a guide for education that will revolutionize conventional approaches to child raising in the 21st Century.”

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