Guide to Yumiko Method of QSR

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Guide To Yumiko Method Of QSR

  • This is a guide to the method and techniques of QSR BY Ms  Yumiko Tobitani,  for those interested in the program but want to get a general idea of what it means.
  • The original book is now out of print and the publishers have no intention of doing a second printing. The book is now considered an  antique and fetches as much as $1000 on the internet.
  • This guide provides you with  a lot of information on the basic method and techniques used by Ms Tobitani and you can then decide to go ahead and enroll in our Quantum Speed Reading  Course.
  • The guide explains the summary of the various chapters, highlighting the more important ones.

Here is a brief outline of what is covered.

  • How QSR awakens the midbrain.
  • A  list of the more important exercises.
  •  The differences between the foundations and pillars of QSR
  • The Importance of dreams as a benchmark
  • Special eye exercises and how to keep track of progress.
  • Various types of eye exercises
  • Guide to various visualization techniques and how to keep records of progress charts
  • How to combine various breathing techniques with imagery.
  • The complete steps to follow in Practical Training.
  • Training program for children and for Adults.


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