How To Become A Superlearner

How To Become A Superlearner

Superlearning” is the title of a book authored by Sheila Ostrander, Lyn Schroeder, and Nancy Ostrander. It was first published in 1979 and an updated version was published in 1997 as “Superlearning 2000.”

The authors wanted to introduce some of the discoverires in Soviet Russia and the theory of  Suggestopaedia by the Bulgarian Educationist – Dr Georgi Lozanov. The ideas from their booki were used to create programs such as Accelerated Learning – Suggestive Accelerative Learning with the claim that learning can be speeded up upto 3 times faster.  ‘

Many of the techniques discussed are designed to increase relaxation and reduce physical and emotional pain, creating a highly receptive mental state.

Today, as a result of the many advances in psyc hology, neuro-science and brain research,  a SuperLearner has access to  the following:

  • The Learning Brain- Brain States – Brain Waves –
  • Neuroscience of Learning – Neuroplasticity – neurogenesis
  • NLP
  • Optimal State of Leanring- Accelerated Learning
  • Discovering your preferred Learning Style
  • Maximizing your Multiple Intelligences

You don’t have to do the research all over again
We have done all the research for you and combined them into an easy to follow course.

Why you need SuperLearning?

  • We are living in a world with ever-increasing rates of change.
  • Especially in high-technology, processes and procedures that you learn today will be obsolete in just a few years, or less! Imagine a software engineer who wrote software for MS-DOS now having to write for Windows Vista.
  • Medical research, the mapping of DNA and simulation modeling are dramatically changing medical practice, including developing designer medications.

How does one keep up?
The approaches to education in many of our schools are similar to the methods used 100 years ago.

Some of Learning Outcomes you can look forward to At the end of this course, you will  be able to:

  • Discuss how the brain learns.
  • Use at least 2 techniques to optimize your learning mindset and senses.
  • Use at least 3 techniques to increase your reading speed  with comprehension.
  • Use social curation tools to discover, collect, organize, and sharing learning resources.
  • Use at least 2 techniques to improve your memory.
  • Use at least 2 tools to empower creative and critical thinking

Five Great Ideas

  • To awaken your genius, you have to attain the skills of self-discovery. You must first become a guru about you. Self-discovery is to know yourself and own your successes and faults
  • You must restructure your thinking, so that what others perceive as failure, you perceive as feedback
  • Geniuses realize that now is the best starting point for a brighter and more exciting future
  • We are all moving – some people are moving forward, some are moving in the reverse, and others move wherever the advertisers tell them to go. Are you willing to realize the limitlessness of your potential?
  • We are always in the right place at the right time, and will always have what we need



  • Section One of Superlearning 2000 is a survey of research into accelerating the process of learning. Many of the techniques explained were developed during the Cold War to train scientists to create advanced weapons systems, help intelligence operatives rapidly learn foreign languages, and help athletes achieve exceptional performance.
  • Some of the technologies discussed might be pseudo-scientific. According to the authors, promising results have been achieved by individuals and organizations that have used them.
  • Traditional education usually is an "outside in" process of imposing information through lecture and study. Superlearning is more of an "inside out" process to facilitate the absorption of information.
  • Many of the techniques discussed are designed to increase relaxation and reduce physical and emotional pain, creating a highly receptive mental state. An example is simply playing Baroque music with a tempo of 60 beats per minute before and during a lesson.
  • Section Two of the book is a How-To Handbook Of Superlearning, explaining how you can apply these concepts yourself.
  • One chapter alone, How to Reach the Optimal Superlearning State, is worth the price of the book. If you apply the ideas in this chapter, you should become much more effective in managing stress, which should also improve your health.
  • If you want to accelerate your ability to learn, control stress, and improve your health, read and apply the ideas in Superlearning 2000.
  • Whether you want to learn a foreign language, improve your tennis game, ace a test, or learn anything two-to-five times faster, the fun and innovative method of superlearning is designed to unlock your limitless potential. This revolutionary program reveals how the right kind of music can enhance learning, which "superfood" can make people a startling 25 percent smarter, the subliminal message that increases test scores, and much more.


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