How To Develop The Photographic Memory Capability Of Your Genius Child

How To Develop The Photographic Memory Capability Of Your Genius Child 01 How To Develop The Photographic Memory Capability Of Your Genius Child 02

What is Photographic memory?
One of the Right Brain Functions identified by the late Prof. Makoto Shichida is the High Speed Mass Memory Function.  In other words, the Right Brain has the ability to memorize massive amount of information at very high speed. It is also called Photographic memory which allows one to remember an entire page   of information in one glance, as though taking a photo snapshot with a camera.

The controversy surrounding photographic memory is largely due to an incorrect definition and concept of what it is.

The Dictionary (Oxford) Definition:

  • “The ability to remember information or visual images in great detail.”


The Hollywood/Junk Science Definition:

  • “The ability to blink and store an image of whatever you were looking at in your head (and keep it there forever).”
  • The controversy exists because of the Hollywood definition of the ability. While there are people who claim to be able to do this, all are thought to be fake as none of the claims have been validated.

Eidetic Memory

  • This is a condition where people are able to visualize an image for a brief time after it’s been taken away.
  • A photographic memory refers to being able to recall every minute detail as if you had the object right in front of your eyes. As you can imagine, this is an extremely useful tool to have, and the amount of people who possess this wonderful ability is greater that you think it is.
  • Some initial tests have suggested that quite a number of children, and perhaps adults too, have a special ability – something like a photographic memory, called “eidetic imagery”. This allows them to continue to ‘see’ an image, in detail, for a short while even after it is taken away.
  • The  University of Iowa Department of Psychology in association with the  The Open University of   UK has designed a series of tests, to help the photographic memory.
  • There are only 10 questions, so do please try to do all of them, even if you think you are just guessing. You may not be aware of having the ability, so you might be doing better than you think!
  • Initial tests suggest that talking disrupts the ability so try to do the test in a quiet place.
  • If you score highly, it might be a sign that you have a 'photographic memory' - in which case, you'll be asked if you'd like to take part in a more serious study being organised by the University of Iowa.

Access the test.

  • What are the advantages of a photographic memory, you might ask.
  • The benefits of your child having a photographic memory are not difficult to imagine.  Your child will have immediate access to all the information stored in the memory.  She will be able to recall any information from any book she has read or page she has seen.
  • To us parents brought up in the left brain dominant education, these claims may see too difficult to believe but Shichida and his tutors have proved that with the right training these abilities are within the reach of all children.
  • Stephen Wiltshire -  is a British architectural artist.[ He is known for his ability to draw from memory a landscape after seeing it just once. His work has gained worldwide popularity.
  • It is evident that having a photographic memory is a one step up advantage from being an average Joe in the street. In our information age, knowledge is essential to being successful in life. Why settle for being able to access knowledge, when you can have knowledge at your fingertips at any moment?
  • We have designed a unique course after researching and studying all the available material on the topic. Our course is quite comprehensive, consisting of 10 modules that cover every known activity that promotes the photographic memory of the child.

Please make use of this opportunity today to give your child a lasting gift.


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