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  • Giftedness refers to a high intelligence or aptitude, while talented refers to a high level of performance in areas such as music, art, craft, dance or sport. Giftedness is inherited but a gifted child needs support to identify and develop their special abilities.
  • Giftedness can be found in any culture, ethnic or socio-economic group. Their talents can be intellectual, emotional or physical, and appear at any age. A child with a disability can also be gifted.
  • Most children need to repeat something 7-11 times to learn something new. A gifted child needs to repeat something in their areas of special ability just 1-3 times.
  • It is primarily the ability to absorb abstract concepts, organize them more effectively, and apply them more appropriately.

How to recognize a Gifted and Talented Child?

There  are some general characteristics – link below.
Do gifted and talented pupils need gifted and talented teachers and parents?

What are some of the Some Do’s and Don’ts in dealing with Gifted and Talented Children ? :

How Can You Help A Gifted And Talented Child At Home?

The following suggestions will help you develop an environment that will challenge and nurture gifted learner:

  • Provide independent Projects:
  • Vertical Enrichment
  • Technology can offer personalised learning that stretches G&T students.
  • Social networks can be really important


A Free Course For Parents And Teachers Of Gifted And Talented Students.


This  is an excellent blue print for bringing out the Genius in your child,  based on the work of an expert in the field in NZ.


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