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Quantum Speed Reading (QSR) is for developing your child's mind after Midbrain Activation.  QSR is a completely new technique for reading books without looking at the pages. It was developed in Japan and has been taught to both children and adults there for the last several years. It is one of the follow up programs after Midbrain Activation.

We are proud to be the only certified teachers of  Quantum Speed Reading in Australasia trained by Ms Yumiko Tobitani, in Japan.

We are also one of the few companies in the world to have access to all the Shichida books published in English.

We have developed a unique program to develop the Quantum Speed Reading ability by incorporating:

  • the insights gained from Shichida books,
  • the research carried out by Heguru
  • Right Brain Education Research
  • Proprietary Programs developed in Spanish speaking countries.
  • Advanced QSR Levels designed by Japanese Educators.

The result is a comprehensive program that delivers Five Programs for the price of one.

Details  of the Five Programs and the Course Outline are available on request.

After many years of experimentation QSR has proven to be a highly effective way of learning. However as we shall see it is not at all limited in its effects to education alone.

QSR provides an education that will allow the world's children to share one Quantum Language, one that is an understandable language to all. With Quantum Language everything is connected. Let us give you an example:

  • If a child from a particular country does Quantum Speed Reading in his or her non-native language, even if they cannot grasp the meaning of that language, they are able to turn it into their own tongue. The reason for this extraordinary power is that the pictures that come out from the book (created by the right-brain) helps the child to understand the content of the book.
  • "Using this Quantum Language, reading and understanding the books of the world is not a dream. I'm positive of this." Yumiko Tobitani

The secret of the human brain is in the Trini Tass
By quickly flipping the pages to Quantum Speed Read a book, you will connect with your deeper brain in the diencephalon. This activity will allow a transformation in the cerebrum to occur and draw out new powers for studying, health, everyday living, artistic ability, sport and so on. So this is not only a method that allows you to read a book quickly and easily, or simply to understand the content of the book.

"We are all members of mankind. Yet we are only one type of the countless creatures that exist on this beautiful earth. So even if you train the human brain's ambassador, the cerebrum, it will only profit us a little. Yet if you activate the first layer of the Trini Tass (known as the reptilian brain), it will create a domino effect throughout the neo cerebral cortex."

There are other ways for us to do QSR including what we term 'Image Quantum Speed Reading'  and “Blank Book “

The children of the world may all have different thoughts or cultures, but everyone has the same brain. We all share the Trini Tass making us all intrinsically the same.

The most important thing is that in the brain's Trini Tass system exists a  very advanced computer system that has not been noticed before. The most important thing to make this very advanced computer operational is to let the children's minds open.

Products Available

  • Live Workshop
  • Unit License
  • QSR Workbook


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