Latest Services Latest Services Wed, 06 Feb 2019 15:09:28 +0530 en-us A Proven Method To Develop Your Intuition Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Discover  An Amazing 4-Step Method To Unlock Priceless Guidance From Your Intuition… Starting TodayMost Of Us Are Trained To IGNORE Our Intuition We’re told to be “rational” or “sensible.” To “face facts” when making decisions. To “think things through.” To conform to society’s norms about how people “should” make decisions. So we give in to social pressures. But haven’t you noticed that this approach causes a whole lot of stress, procrastination and confusion?That’s because…You Can Easily Learn To Develop, Tap Into & TRUST Your Intuition!Intuition isn't a skill just within the purview of gypsies and crystal carriers. We all possess it, and it is a well-researched phenomenon revealing that our brains have an amazing ability to pick up on patterns and respond to them in a nanosecond in the form of intuitive insights.Yes, intuition is a 100% learnable skill.According to a team of researchers at the Centre for Organisational Strategy, Learning and Change at Leeds University Business School, “Intuition is the result of the way our brains store, process and retrieve information on a subconscious level and so is a real psychological phenomenon which needs further study to help us harness its potential.”Like riding a bike or driving a car. It takes a little practice, but I’ve come to discover that anyone — including you — can learn how to get immediate answers from your intuition.In fact, it’s easy to be guided by your sixth sense.(It’s our natural in-built decision maker!)You can “tune in” to your intuition and receive reliable, customized and useful guidance. And benefit from it.Day after day.For the rest of your life.A Proven Step-By-Step System To Harness Your Intuition What if there’s a proven system you can use to experience non-stop and powerful insights from your intuitive sixth sense? Would that help you get more out of your intuition?So you can easily use it to get clear advice on: Your life’s most important purpose. The direction of your career. The fastest way to get the health you want. The state of your abundance and your current lifestyle. Whether (or not) you should stick with a certain person. What task you should do first today. How to solve that problem you’ve been wrestling with.… and (literally) ANY other question you can imagine!Imagine: all you have to do is use a system that is proven to work… time and time again… and you’ll get answers every time. This program, from one of America’s top intuition experts, will… Help you develop trust in your sixth sense… Show you how to notice evidence it’s working for you… And teach you how to live intuitively with almost non-stop attraction and synchronicity. In other words, it’ll help you to benefit from your intuition every single day — for the rest of your life.So you can start to create an extraordinary life filled with passion, purpose, abundance, freedom, love and HUGE levels of joy.The reason Tune In works so well is because it helps you connect your logical brain and your creative brain to the heart — which is the source of all intuition.Amazing Benefits You’ll Experience  When You Sign Up For Sonia’s Tune In Course Experience An Ease & Flow To Life. Free-Flowing Inspiration & Creativity That Helps You Solve Any Challenge Enjoy Deeper Connections & More Significant Relationships. Make Better Decisions…Instantly. Attract More Money Like You’re Magnetized To It. Attract More Money Like You’re Magnetized To It Live Authentically & Fulfill Your Life Purpose. Fill Out The  Enquire Now Form  Below  To Receive Your 3 Part Free Report 18 Ways To Strengthen Your Intuition 21 Eye-Opening Ways To Develop Your Intuition Exercises For Developing Intuition Achieve All Your Dreams With The Success Mindset Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 A proven process for developing five  powerful  mindsets to finally achieve your financial, personal and professional goals-in 90 days or less!90-day transformational program that provides you with the clarity and confidence you need to dissolve self-imposed limitations and become an unequivocal powerhouse in the pursuit of your biggest, most important dreams.Dear Success Seeker, I know how life is. It’s constantly throwing you curveballs, thwarting your best efforts, giving you new and unanticipated challenges. What if I told you I could share with you an all-encompassing system for achieving EVERY goal, and for transforming your ENTIRE life? So many of us grow up with a mindset built around limitations rather than possibilities, and therefore, we become stagnant when we run up against the inevitable roadblocks and obstacles life presents. So, if you’re ready for a change, you must do 2 things: You MUST realize and harness your potential. You MUST learn to set your goals effectively, and program your mind to achieve them, automatically. Week 1 - Personal Goal Setting - This is where you lay the foundation for achieving absolutely everything you want to in life. Week 2 - Your Unlimited Potential - Inside of you, you have more potential than you could use in 100 lifetimes. Week 3 - Your Special Talents and Abilities - When you align your values, beliefs and ideals with your vocation, occupation or profession, you discover what you’re meant to do with your life. continuously forward. Week 4 - Your Meaning and Purpose in Life - Your job is to find your “heart’s desire,” and to then take action to achieve it. Week 5 - Programming Your Mind for Success - Programming your brain this way is as simple as programming a computer. Week 6 - Advanced Programming Techniques - Once you’ve learned to set your mind up for automatic success, you can take it one step further - use these advanced programming techniques every single day for accelerated success. Week 7 - Unlocking Your Superconscious Mind - Your superconscious mind is the most powerful source for success, achievement and happiness that exists in your personal universe. Week 8 - Becoming Unstoppable - You may not be aware of it, but the words you use to describe what is happening to you, and the way it makes you feel, determine the quality and tone of your life. Week 9 - Bouncing Back from Adversity - Every high achiever has encountered adversity on his or her path to ultra-success. Week 11 - The Most Important Quality of Success - Want to guarantee your success? Week 12 - Discipline and Personal Power In summary……you learn absolutely everything you need to know to decide who you are, what you want, and to then follow a proven system for getting it, step by step, no matter what happens in your life. Your self-esteem, self-respect and personal pride increase and you experience what it’s like to be unstoppable. When you invest in yourself with you get : My 12-part virtual training course, based on 30 years of research 156-page Goal Setting and Achieving PDF course workbook that you fill out throughout the course to personalize your journey and transformation My Power of Personal Achievement Live Seminar Digital modules & PDF workbook (the LIVE 3-day event costs $1997 on its own!) How to discover your priceless potential so you can become your own greatest mentor, role model, best friend, coach and inspiration… 1. Master The Mindset Olympians Use So You Can Win Before You Begin. You’ll train yourself to build a “muscular mindset” so you can access your built-in super strengths and lead your team past any obstacles you face. You'll learn: How successful people think How to get clearer on what your goals are How to manage your time more effectively Visualization for success How to remove toxic or negative people from your life How to identify key areas in your life for improvement How to have a growth mindset How to uncover your Unlimited Potential- Special Talents and Abilities Meaning and Purpose in Life How to Program Your  Mind For Success Advanced Programming Techniques Unlocking Your  Superconscious Mind Becoming Unstoppable Bouncing Back from Adversity Discipline and Personal Power For Enroll and to  Register For Free  Courses Five Days To Unstoppable Self Confidence + Five Days To Discover Your Purpose Achieve More With Smart Goals Thu, 30 Nov 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Why Set Goals?Paul J Meyer Founder Of Success Motivation International Says:  "Success Is The Progressive Realization Of Worthwhile, Predetermined Personal Goals." What Are The Qualities Of Good Goals?They are: Progressive — with the ability to change and reach new results Predetermined — long term vision reflected in present action Worthwhile — active pursuit of core values; passion Personal — alignment with strengths and personal value system Realizable with  check points; yardstick for progress built in; Today you hear lots of information about personal growth and personal development. You are bombarded with personal development products of all kinds’ so how do you find your way through ?: Assess your needs and clarify your goals Choose a  course of action and tools to achieve the results desired. Analyze potential obstacles and help to design solutions It will help you use your unlimited potential to choose your own personal goals for success. The program has been developed to allow busy people to absorb the program easily and quickly. Once you have decided for yourself what is foremost in importance, you can determine easily where you want to go, which goals to pursue, and in what order. Establishing clear personal priorities allows you to plan for the future in a logical, reasonable, and organized way. This program will help you design your destiny and unleash the sleeping GIANT that lies dormant in you. This life-changing program includes:Topics covered: Setting and achieving your personal goals Setting your imagination free Realizing your unlimited potential Finding the courage to set and achieve goals Understanding the five keys to success through goal setting Giving direction to your dreams Understanding self-motivation and goal setting Learning the importance of visualization -- the dream machine Harnessing the power of affirmation Planning your life with positive expectancy     Order Your Free copy of  12 Step Goal Setting Guide: How to achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible 2 Elements of Goal-setting That Dramatically Increase the Likelihood of You Achieving Your Goals The Primary Reason People Fail to Achieve Their Goals and Ways to Ensure You Don’t Make the Same Mistake An Exercise That Will Help You Plan and Achieve Your Goals For the Entire Next Year. Order your free copy of 7 simple ways to begin taking action today A proven, step-by-step process for moving forward toward ANY goal – no matter how big or small A Tip You Can Use EVERYDAY to Feed Your Mind - and Make Each Day Flow More Smoothly Why Your Weakest Skill is Often the Determining Factor of Your Success - and How to Overcome it Starting Immediately The "Momentum Principle of Success" - and How Seeking Security is Leading to Missed Opportunities.   Fill Out The  Enquire Now Form  Below  To Order Your Free Copies Of  12 Step Goal Setting Guide And  7 Simple Ways To Begin Taking Action Today. Adult Midbrain Activation Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Ruwan’s  Adult  Midbrain Activation Program(Ramp)Adult Midbrain Activation - Your path to Higher Consciousness.What is  Ruwan’s. Mid-Brain Activation for Adults? Mid Brain activation for adults is a special program to awaken the hidden potential of the human brain The aim of  mid-brain activation is to help us engage the subconscious in a full state of awareness and in conscious control. How does MBA lead to Higher Consciousness? Both the conscious and the subconscious   states of the mind are by nature interconnected and interactive although the conscious mind may not be aware of it.  These two states of the mind are  represented by the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and  the synergy between these two  states forms the  Holistic State of Mind. When we establish  the holistic state of mind in full awareness and in conscious control we are able to  unleash the mind’s   unlimited capacity  far beyond ordinary  standards. This condition allows human beings to make amazing improvements in their personal and professional performances. This view is also by the eminent Japanese educator, Dr Makoto Shichida “If a person develops his interbrain, he will acquire a memory that will allow him to never forget whatever he has seen or heard once….”“However, once you learn how to access the interbrain… you can become a super human.” Modern science is now confirming what mystics and shaman have claimed for thousands and thousands of years – we have a “higher” aspect of our being, and it is directly connected to a dynamic source of conscious energy that is far more expansive than our individual selves. Did you realize that your body actually does have three physical eyes? The mysterious “third eye” has been long been pondered by mystics, who believe the “inner vision” of our third eye is our natural connection to a source of higher energy and consciousness.As we grow up, our dominant state of the mind shifts from the subconscious to the conscious .  As a result, adults are much more dependent on the  conscious mind  than children. This dependency on the conscious mind  causes access to the realms of the subconscious more difficult for the adults. Hence the need for the midbrain to be activated  to enable adults to re -gain this access to the subconscious mind. What are the immediate benefits?  Extraordinary increase in virtual capacity of the brain to prevent vulnerability towards stress. Ability  to establish the holistic state of mind.  Ability to consciously access and assess meta-physical modality stored in the realms of the subconscious.  Significant improvements in intuition, instincts, sensing ability and degree of clairvoyance. Significantly improve the quality performance and results in daily life.  Ability to establish and maintain healthy relationships and networks- MasterMind Principle..  Opens more doors to the unlimited inner-skills and inner-self empowerment.  More easily  connect to the divine intelligence. Some of the exercises to train in this workshop:  Activation of Bio-electromagnetic Energy  Sighting one’s own and other people’s Body Energies  Sensing one’s own and other people’s Body Energies (human vibrations)  Detect and identify different objects and people through the different feels of vibrations  Mental Telepathy and Mental Virtualization  Alpha Concentration, Progressive Meditation and Application  A touch of Theta Concentration  Advance breathing methods for short meditation An evolutionary jump...You may, at some time, have had a "peak experience," an ecstatic moment or a moment of greater understanding, when your consciousness expanded - and you knew it. When this occurs, the integration between left brain (logical thinking) and right brain (intuitive feelings and emotions) is manifested in increased energy-flow between the two sides. This is thinking and feeling in the  Holistic State of Mind . It is a foretaste of an evolutionary jump for humanity - a new level of mental maturity, an awakening. These are the very factors which our courses aim to demonstrate and develop. By learning how to arouse the whole brain, selectively and at will, the mode of consciousness may be freely altered, appropriate to the task or situation - whether a crisis, making music, relaxing, mental arithmetic, brainstorming, or contemplating nature. In this new wide-awake consciousness, the world seems to be full of possibilities - it possesses a strong sense of rediscovered meaning. This is nothing mystical, it is essentially ordinary consciousness, operating for once at its proper efficiency. "When we pull back and get, for a moment, the 'bird's eye' view of life, it reveals meanings that are ungraspable by the narrow focus of our usual worm's eye view" --Colin WilsonResearchers tell us that one side of the brain is usually cut off from the other, and that most of the time, little of the potential capacity of the brain is actually in use. Brain studies have shown that people who are functioning optimally have a high level of inter-hemispheric communication and that the two sides are working in synchrony, as described above. Also overall arousal is higher and under conscious control - this is the skill of sustained concentration. Our  Mind Development courses are designed to achieve these aims by a step-by-step gradient approach, which ensures that all appropriate stages of development are in their natural sequence. Misunderstood words, how to study, principles of communication, listening and questioning skills, concentration, visualization, reading skills, memory, restored body-image, speed of thought, creativity and intuition are just some of the subjects which you will master. This will give you an objective understanding and control of your own mind and equally a new understanding and empathy with others. Available Formats: Centre/ City/ Country License Live Workshop ( Venue & dates TBA) Online Course. Affiliate Program   You may also like  – Adult Mind Management Course on our website Please fill out the Enquire Now form for more information Awaken The Third Eye Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 AWAKEN THE THIRD EYE What is the Third Eye?The third eye is the gate that opens to the space of consciousness and inner worlds. It is also the main organ through which the body of energy can be awakened and governed. In practice, the third eye acts as a 'switch' which activates higher states of consciousness and experiences of spiritual vision. The development of spiritual vision requires the patient building of some new 'organs' of energy, of which the third eye is a master key. These new structures are not physical, nevertheless they are very real and tangible. Once fully developed, the perceptions coming through them appear clear, sharper and far more substantial than those coming from the physical senses. The third eye is the ability to see what might be: In other words the third eye is our ability to see potential. Any authentic spiritual work has finding the Self as a primary aim To use Plato’s allegory of the cave,  if you have always lived inside a dark cellar, to you this cellar is not a cellar, it is the whole universe. You can't even conceive of the wonder waiting for you if you were to step out and walk in the real world Similarly, the third eye is fundamentally the gate that leads to the inner worlds. Therefore this eye allows you to know yourself to a depth that surpasses all conventional methods of psychotherapy or any method based on analysing with the discursive mind. The Third Eye is a natural part of every person, but it’s a “meta” organ. In other words: it consists of all the senses and mind working together as a larger more powerful sensory organ. The Third Eye is a very clever bit of natural evolution: a meta organ designed to sense, connect to patterns and then relay that data back in overlays of information on top of your other senses. Due to lack of understanding more people than not mislabel, run away from the ability or take it to strange descriptions… which further muck and murk the waters of what the Third Eye truly is; The Third Eye as a sense can be used in many different ways. It opens up our senses to patterns around us. It’s used by seers to make connections and answer questions. It’s used by energy workers to feel the energy and then manipulate that energy. It’s part of empathy where a person can touch and feel the emotions of others. Many other examples exist for how people use the Third Eye Lets use Aura’s as an example.Some people do see an “aura” or “light”. With training many people can be taught how to view aura’s in a “standard way”. However: it’s not what most people think it is. Your eyes only “see” what they are designed to see. But the mind can overlay additional information over each sense. Auras are such an information overlay.The brain has the ability to process visual information, and it has the ability to use all that circuitry to pump back information in the form of visual response: which doesn’t have to be from the eyes.Your whole neural network, your mind and sense organs form a larger more sensitive “antenna” to pick up on energy and patterns. The mind then has the problem of how to send that information back to you. It has to use what it already has access to: the 5 normal senses. For example: at times in energy work, it can send back the images for you as an “aura” to then interpret. In reality what you are seeing is slightly different than that: but it’s the best method the “third eye” has to relay the information back to you. This becomes the “aura” as the translated result. Source:   Free Introduction At :   This 45 minute general introduction to the third eye talks about: How to Develop the Third Eye What are Some Examples of the Third Eye. What is Potential? What is the Third Eye Physically? How does the Third Eye Manifest Itself? Is the Third Eye Something to Fear? More About Fear and the Third Eye. Am I Crazy? How to Express Your Third Eye Visions. Picking a Third Eye Practice and Community Can You Close Your Third Eye? Learning How to Optimize Our Visions. Can You Manifest Real Things with the Third Eye? Can You Travel to Different Worlds with the Third eye? Can I Share What I See? How to Develop Your Skills in the Third Eye. An Example of Using the Third Eye ractice Interpreting Your Visions. What is the Best Third Eye Practice.   Available Formats : Centre/ City/ Country License Live Workshop ( Venue & dates TBA Online Course. Affiliate Program Fill out the Enquiry Now form below to enroll in our 18 Week  Free Course on Awakening the Third Eye. Awaken Your Psychic Powers Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Awaken Your  Psychic Powers Everyone has the ability to channel psychic energy for the benefit of self and many. The  term psychic energy  mean  that force which comes to us from beyond our physical world to help us integrate all our parts and express them in this third-dimensional reality. You can learn powerful and effective ways to develop your own psychic abilities and use them for awakening your higher consciousness. With greater knowledge of these innate skills, relearned by exercises such as presented in this course, you can become the multidimensional being you’re intended to be. By connecting with all parts of yourself–not just the visible human part–you can remember why you’re here and the gifts you have to share with this world. Reawakening Psychic Abilities Will Change Your Life You Can Learn to See and Feel Other Dimensions   Possessing psychic ability or psychic capacity is hence being able to perceive, to ‘read’ what is beyond the physical realm. This means expanding your level of awareness and for this you need to use other tools, as you need to develop your perceptive ability or capacity. The Answer To Life Management Is Not External - It’s InternalMost people live their lives trapped within just five senses. While the sweet taste of a strawberry in summer is pleasurable, you have a sixth sense which is more beneficial than every one of your five senses combined.When you reconnect with this most powerful sense, you can tune into a universally shared understanding of the world. By becoming closer to your most developed and authentic representation of your life, you can Connect To Your Innate Psychic Abilities And Receive Spiritual Guidance On All LevelsAll the noises of external pressures create a static, which drowns out the frequency of your intuition causing you to make hasty decisions with your head based on what you think is logical instead of basing these significant decisions on the spiritual intuition of your heart and what feels right.But when you learn how to quieten the noise of daily life, you will be able to tune into the wisdom of your own inner-voice and…Activate The Intuitive Force Within You that has guided life’s greatest Thinkers, Artists, and Business Owners. The greatest decision makers and life achievers throughout time weren’t exactly, “book smart.” They just knew how to listen to their inner self. They knew how to tune in and connect with their innate psychic power.In fact, history’s most influential people were not any different from you, aside from one major thing: they knew how to tap into their intuition. They knew how to connect with the inner voice. The same voice that you have inside of you right now, waiting for you to answer its calling.Tap Into The Ultimate Intuitive Power You Were Born With Your psychic ability started growing when you were no bigger than a pinky nail. And it still exists right now, waiting within you to be utilized. What’s more, your intuition is calling out to you at this very moment. Your innate connection to life wants you to reconnect — because it knows what is best for you. It is an all-powerful voice that wants to help guide your questions, thoughts, and decisions, and is waiting for you to tune in. You might recognize when your inner voice speaks to you, by the way you immediately feel completely empowered, connected, and fully relaxed - no matter what is your surrounding or your environment. And yes, this empowering feeling doesn’t have to be temporary, if you learn how to tune into your intuition when and wherever you need it. Awaken Your Psychic Abilities is a sensible guide for beginners and teachers. The meditations and step-by-step instructions will strengthen your connection to your spirit guides and awaken your ability to learn clairvoyance; seeing in the mind’s eye, clairsentient; sensing feeling, clairaudient; hearing spiritual messages; mental telepathy, aura reading, psychometry, past-life recognition, automatic writing, psychic awareness, and much more. The result is a closer connection with your spirit guides. The purpose of psychic awareness is to transform your life in positive ways when using your natural intuitive perception.All information is non-non-denominational. All references to God represent a universal consciousness that unites all people, of all faiths, alive or in spirit, in interconnected universal love.   Available Formats : Centre/ City/ Country License Live Workshop ( Venue & dates TBA Online Courses Affiliate Program Fill out the Enquire Now form below  for  your free course on  28 ways to awaken  your psychic abilities. Brain Builders Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Brain Builders CourseGet  access to 100’s of ways to preserve, restore and improve the brain's potential. These all-natural techniques help boost brain power and prevent mental aging. They represent the latest developments in scores of disciplines, including meditation, yoga, nutrition, vitamins, herbs and more.Recent  advances in neuro science confirm that the human brain is like a muscle: the more you use it, the stronger it gets. The research  disagrees with the commonly held notion that cognitive abilities must decrease with age. To "age-proof your brain," We provide a pragmatic seven-step program that incorporates an understanding of your brain's rhythms with an awareness of how important diet, exercise, and music are to the thought process. Numerous mental calisthenics are presented to promote "alertness, concentration, perceptual speed, learning, memory, problem solving, and creativity." "Brain Builders!" is the powerful new guide to maximizing your brain's awesome potential. Over 100 "Brain Builders!" secrets, workouts, and anatomies make it easy to develop and maintain razor-sharp mental powers to enjoy for years to come. "Brain Builders!" contains no obscure technical language and no difficult, time-consuming exercises. Instead, it offers simple, effective techniques--most of which you can do anytime, anyplace--that will boost your brain power and age-proof your mental processes.Plus Many More Free Guides Right Brain Activation Manual Brain Wave Vibration Super Brain Yoga Brain Gym Brain Dance Brain Waves Power Brain Exercises Brain synchrony   Available Formats : Centre/ City/ Country License Live Workshop ( Venue & dates TBA) Online Course. Affiliate Program Fill Out The Enquire Now Form Below To Access The Full 8 Guides. Coping Skills For Children Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Coping Skills For Children Coping Strategies, Exercises, Visualizations, and Meditations for young people and people with any intellectual disability. Exercises to help with feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed. Instructions are given for particular conditions where the exercises may be especially useful. The exercises are meant to be used preventatively, to promote resilience, as well as reactively, to help exit a state. For maximum gain, practice the exercises when calmer, so that skills can be used even when anxious. Designed by Dr Ruwani Kumari Fernando, a full member of the New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists and registered with the New Zealand Board of Clinical Psychologists as well as the  Australialian Psychologists Board. I abide by the Code of Ethics of these Boards. She is  on the National Council for the New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists (see and is  the Editor of the Professional Journal. Previously she had  been the chairperson of the Otago/Southland Branch of the New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists. In 2015, she  was honoured to have her contribution to clinical psychology in NZ recognised by the award of Fellowship from the NZ College of Clinical Psychologists. Album NotesDr Kumari Fernando Valentine is a clinical psychologist with an interest in anxiety, trauma, and wellbeing. This CD is a collection of exercises that are useful when younger people need increased coping skills. Contents Of The Downloadable CD Stretch like a Cat: A brief, playful progressive muscle relaxation to decrease tension. Especially useful for trauma, worry, anger, sleep problems. Tummy Breathing: Diaphragmatic Breathing. Useful for all conditions. An essential skill. Affirmations: Neutral and positive coping statements. Useful for worry, managing anxiety including panic, performance fears, low mood, self-esteem. Bubble Breathing: Slow Breathing. Useful for all conditions. An essential skill. Sticking Attention: and smell. Useful for: trauma/dissociation/spacing out, feeling overwhelmed, panic, feeling out of control, social anxiety, low mood, agitation, anger, worry. My Bubble of Protection: A visualisation exercise, developed originally for adults, where we imagine creating a bubble of protection for the day that shields us from negativity, and criticism. Useful for: dealing with bullies and critics, social anxiety, self-esteem, trauma. Safe Place Visualisation: A visualisation for helping with carrying a feeling of safety around inside. We create a safe place that can be gone to when needed. At first, it may be difficult to imagine a safe place. Practice will help. Useful for: trauma, social anxiety, stress. Riding the Waves of Anxiety: In this visualisation, with accompanying ocean sounds, we imagine coping with anxious feelings. Useful for exposure and response prevention work, trauma, panic, agitation. Walking through a Rainforest: Peaceful visualisation to promote calmness. Zap Zap Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs): Automatic Negative Thoughts quickly enter our head and we believe them! They affect how we feel. In this exercise, we practice tuning in to thoughts and then zapping them! Useful for: all conditions including worry, stress, feeling overwhelmed. Fill Out the Enquire Now to download three free tracks from the CD. Double Or Triple Your Present Reading Speed-In Two Hours Or Less Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Learn the latest proven  techniques to double your reading speed in one hour. Information explosion is all around us. You are reading this page with the reading skills learnt in the primary school. It is time to upgrade. This class has been presented live with outstanding results. Read Faster – Remember More – Retain Longer   Learn and absorb reading material 3 times faster than you can now Today, new information is generated at a speed we have not known before.  Also, the speed at which it is available is growing so fast.  The Information Explosion is becoming a threat to everyone in business. You will learn to use your natural learning capabilities much more effectively and learn to process vast volumes of information with ease. You will learn how to get your reading done in the time you have available and at the comprehension level you require. Much more than another speed reading course – we hope to make it a life changing experience. Imagine that you could read three times as fast. How would your life look like? You would be able to read three times more and become an expert in any domain. Another possibility would be to do other stuff with the time you gain on reading. The good news is that our brain is capable of  reading  three times as fast as we normally do. We only need the appropriate techniques. This course offers what you are looking for:    This course will take your current reading to a higher level. During traditional reading, the normal way of reading, you experience several negative effects such as: Vocalization: do you know the feeling of pronouncing every word in your head? Mind-wandering: do you know the feeling of reading but not paying attention? Jumping back: do you know the feeling of re-starting the reading of what you just read In this course we deal with all these negative effects so we can speed up our reading. Unleash Your Genius Today! Speed Reading is a skill that can be learnt. Blast through books, documents and social media. Guaranteed 33% improvement Your Brain Loves SpeedPsychologists have discovered that your brain loves speed, and it  thinks that fast is fun - slow is boring! If you think you have short attention span to read books, documents and social media, then you probably read slowly and carefully. Instead of understanding the text you get bored and distracted, needing to skip back to re-read text countless times. The main reason is that your brain is too powerful to go at such a slow pace and will drift off into something more interesting to think about. You will assess your reading speed at the beginning and throughout the course. So, if you spend 3 hours reading at work and improve your reading speed, on average, by 33%, you will save a whole month of work (24 days) every single year. What am I going to get from this course? Over 20 lectures and 2 hours of content! Improve your reading speed by at least 33% in the first 30 days or your money back Develop more effective thinking skills Learn how to speed read online Learn how to speed read on paper Use speed reading software Achieve deadlines on time Diminish Stress Transform ordinary people into extraordinary performers             Increase productivity of your team Promote innovation   CurriculumSection 1: The easy way to speed readØAssessing your present reading speed Section 2: Understanding your Reading and Learning brain The basic ideas The Reticular Activating System - The watchful gatekeeper and how to cooperate with it. How to Avoid skipping back and improve 20% Brain Waves and your performance Section 3: Speed Read on screen in a surprisingly easy way You'll be speed reading in about 3 minutes from now Speed read on the spot without any training Section 4: This is what happens inside your mind while reading. Your eyes jump around while reading Understanding the Left and Right brain and how they process information differently Section 5: Speed Read with a book and a rhythm Get ready for the practice Synchronise your eyes with your pointer Section 6: Time to practice. Pick up your book and lets start! Use your magic wand  and start reading now Overcoming mental blocks Your comprehension will improve even more Section 7: Testing your new reading performance.     It's amazing how you can develop so quickly Section 8: Develop a reading routine for outstanding results Set yourself up for success   Available Formats : Centre/ City/ Country License Live Workshop ( Venue & dates TBA) Online Course. Affiliate Program   Fill Out The Enquiry Now Form Below To Access Module One At No Cost. Four Skills Of Genius And The Genius Code Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 What if you could develop superior mental powers similar to those from the greatest minds of mankind? Only the Mozarts, Einsteins, and da Vincis—a microscopic sliver of the population—seem to use their brainpower efficiently. So stupendous do their talents appear to the rest of us, that we look upon such geniuses as divinely gifted beings endowed with what appear to be supernatural powers. What would it mean for you if you saw increases in your IQ, memory, learning capacity, mental quickness, intuition, and creativity? You are brighter than you think. Genius is a universal thing-not just for a few but for everyone! The Genius Code teaches you that genius is your birthright and the birthright of everyone. By learning to unleash your "creative genius" at will, you will discover true personal power-accessing at will the divine powers inherent within you. By trusting and obeying your voices of inspiration and intuition, the seats of divine wisdom within you-you will meet with a prosperity and abundance in your life that will transcend your wildest dreams and desires. Unlike many popular self-help books that promise much and deliver little, The Genius Code will unlock a creative power within you that will enable you to reach the ultimate dream-the ability to manifest at will. Learn and master these twelve steps of genius-twelve steps between a life of mediocrity and a destiny of genius-between a life of lack and one of limitless abundance. The distance between creative genius and average thinking are simply matters of thinking and perception. People of genius rely upon their "inner-worlds" of inspiration and intuition for guidance and validation, while average people rely upon their external worlds for approval and validation. Average people trust the limited world of the visible-people of genius trust the limitless world of the invisible! Discover the four "power" skills that can stop you cold, or lead you to greatness... ...and learn how to get the equivalent of 320 hours of comprehensive instruction on mastering these four essential skills in just 4 to 8 hours A course to.. Quickly and efficiently absorb thoughts, ideas, and feelings by becoming a more effective listener and reader. Express yourself with powerful new speaking and writing skills. Giving you strength in: Effective Listening Efficient Reading Powerful Speaking Professional Writing Super Benefits: Supercharge your communication skills Build your confidence in all situations Eliminate feelings of embarrassment, fear, and guilt Increase the value of your marketable skills and your "human asset" value Gain supreme power and influence with others Raise your self-image and enhance your self-esteem Reach new heights of success and achievement Advance your career or business Unlock the door to a prosperous, satisfying future.   Available Formats : Centre/ City/ Country License Live Workshop ( Venue & dates TBA) Online Course. Affiliate Program Fill out the Enquire Now form below to access the 8 CD’s of the Genius Code. Genius Mind Power (GMP) Reading Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Do you realize you are reading this page using a technique you learned at junior school? Do you want to develop it? This is what Genius Mind Power Reading™ can do for you : Read Faster - We will show you how to read faster - much faster Read Better - bypass the 'padding' and go direct to the substance of what you are reading Read smarter;  Improve the way you use your eyes to see the words Devlop your whole mind - integrate your conscious thinking with your non-conscious thinking - developing the untapped skills of intuition and insight. Develop Brain Synergy develop analytical and critical learning skills using Tony Buzan's technique of Mind Mapping TM. Think Brighter as your brain develops an encyclopedic capacity read and Mind Map TM a book in under an hour. Better Analysis through Synoptic Reading, research and analyze six books at one time Ask yourself - If successful people read a book a week, what would it be like if you could read a book a day and with improved comprehension? Improving your reading is not just about going faster; it is about changing your approach to reading. You can, by changing the way you look at words, effectively download the contents of a book into your non-conscious long-term memory, at speeds of over a page a second. Genius Mind Power Reading™ will have you reading at speeds of 20,000 to 30,000 words per minute. How it works:Genius Mind Power Reading™ is a whole-brain approach to reading using the latest knowledge of how the brain processes information. It unites the logic of the left brain with the conceptual abilities of the right and integrates the conscious and non-conscious minds to process written information. Is it different to Speed Reading? YES! Speed Reading is doing what you learnt at school but faster, possibly up to 1,000 words per minute. Genius Mind Power Reading™ gives a 20 to 30-fold improvement over Speed Reading AND with improved comprehension. It makes what you read more meaningful and personal, giving a richer, more valuable insight and understanding. More about Genius Mind Power Reading™ Genius Mind Power Reading™ is a technique developed by Raymond Fernando, after studying such famous methods as PhotoReading, Subliminal Dynamics, Reading Genius, Light Speed Reading and Quantum Speed Reading. Genius Mind Power Reading™ is about you being able to absorb written material, primarily from books, at speeds of between 20,000 to 30,000 words per minute. It is in effect like you being able to download the contents of a book into your long term, non-conscious memory and then being able to use or recall the information as and when wanted. The actual process of Genius Mind Power Reading™ does not set out to improve your conscious knowledge of what you have ‘read’. The awareness of what you have ‘read’ may come through changes in your behavior. For example individuals who have Quantum Read books on their particular hobby or sport have found their game improve without consciously knowing what is in the book. If you just want the information there for later. You will find that when you want to know it, you will know it, but you may not know that you knew it! Or you may want to know what is in the book you have just Quantum Read. We show you how to pull out all the information you need to satisfy your purpose, but fast. We expect students to be able to Quantum Read a normal sized book, understand and mind map its contents, in well under an hour. Genius Mind Power Reading™ is not the same as 'normal' reading but faster. Nor is it about developing a photographic or eidetic memory. It is a completely different approach to absorbing written material. An analogy is comparing walking with running; both have similar actions but running is faster. On the same scale, Genius Mind Power Reading™ would be like driving a powerful sports car! We will show you how to quickly reach your destination whilst driving the car to its full potential. Genius Mind Power Reading™ is purpose driven and primarily for reading non-fiction, after all what enjoyment is there in reading a novel in 30 minutes? Therefore Genius Mind Power Reading™ is ideal if : You have to keep abreast of developments within your profession, You are in full time education, a mature student, or studying through ‘distance learning’, You are engaged in pure research, research for writing a book or for finding out about a client’s - business, product or market You see Genius Mind Power Reading™ as part of your personal development.   Genius Mind Power Reading™ is often compared to ‘fire-walking’. Once you have fire walked there is an inner confidence in being able to say, "if I can walk over hot coals what is there I cannot do?" With Genius Mind Power Reading™ we give you renewed confidence as you revisit your relationship with reading and paper management. For some the joy of reading is rediscovered, for others it is knowing that they can get through the volume of reading they have to, understanding everything needed to satisfy their purpose and being able to do it within the time available. And just as individuals who have fire walked, are not expected to fire walk every day, we do not expect you to Quantum Read everything - but you can if you want to! As stated, the course is based on Genius Mind Power Reading™ however, there are supporting and complementary techniques to enable you to manage other parts of your mind. Expectations It is important to appreciate that Genius Mind Power Reading™ is very different to 'traditional' reading. It is not the same as reading at 20,000 + wpm in the 'normal' way, nor is it about developing an eidetic or photographic memory of what has been seen. It is about, effectively, 'down loading' the content of the written material into your non-conscious mind and/or your behavior. It should also be appreciated that the course covers a whole range of reading skills and learning techniques and is not just about reading at these exceptionally high speeds. Send for our  FREE DVD – containing more information and loads of  FREE resources :What’s in the DVD: Read and Grow Rich e- Book – How to Read A Book in 15 Minutes and Change Your life Quantum Reading Masterclass Videos Quantum Reading Manual Plus many, many more   Available Formats : Centre/ City/ Country License Live Workshop ( Venue & dates TBA) Online Course. Affiliate Program Fill out the Enquire Now form below to receive your Free DVD – containing more information and loads of Free resources. Guide To The Shichida Method Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Professor Makoto Shichida is a highly respected figure in Japan and increasingly around the world as his revolutionary method of stimulating children’s brains from the age of three months is changing the way we understand how children learn.     The Shichida Method has been used in Japan for over 25 years and is backed by 40 years of research into developing techniques to stimulate the early development of the brain.      The Basic PrinciplesThe Shichida Method is based on several main principles. All children are born geniuses Importance of parent-child bonding The dominance of the right brain Born GeniusProfessor Shichida believes that all children are born as geniuses and the purpose of education is not to teach knowledge but to create a child with enormous abilities and potential. Shichida says the difference between his method and others is that it is “Based on love, heart and mind and focuses on children’s wishes to help others.” During the early years, when your baby’s brain cells are rapidly growing and making new connections, Shichida says is the best time to tap into your baby’s innate human abilities, capacities that all children are born with. These include; Photographic memory        Creativity        Rapid calculations Languages Parent-Child Bonding The Shichida Method works on the principle of a strong, stress-free parent-child bond. The course requires that parents; Carry out course related activities with their children at home everyday Are continuously aware of their child at home Spend 30 minutes a day to practice with their child in order to continue brain learning. The method also encourages you to focus on your child’s brain development rather than their academic performance.The Right BrainThe Shichida Method focuses on the right side of your baby’s brain which Prof Shichida calls the genius brain as it develops first. Up until a child starts school, between the ages of 4 and 6, he will use the right side of his brain more than the left. However, between four and six years old a child falls out of the habit of using his right brain. Because of this, the Shichida Method is best used during the critical window of training, between the ages of 0-3 years old.Professor Shichida says, “The younger that children start, the easier to draw out and retain their genius ability.”Children who have followed this method have excelled in many areas including; Higher IQs Bilingual and multilingual Intuitive Musical abilities Artistic talents Emotional and personality traits Photographic memory The method is designed to stimulate the right brain to benefit the whole brain so the main focus throughout the early years is on the right side of the brain. Images – the right side of the brain is the ‘image’ side, meaning it works with visual stimulation Stimulation – the right brain is best stimulated by repetition and continuance, focusing primarily on the five senses Subconscious – the right brain enables your child to learn subconsciously Information – the right brain can process large amounts of information at high speeds Connectivity – by educating the right brain and connecting it to the left you can effectively fully educate the whole brain to it’s fullest potential The results for thousands of children educated in the early years using the Shichida Method have proved many times how the system can work. Professor Shichida says, “These children are tapping powers we never knew existed as if they are perfectly normal. Watching them rapidly memorize enormous amounts of information and recall with precision and understanding, predict future events, improve their athletic ability instantaneously serve as a guide for education that will revolutionize conventional approaches to child raising in the 21st Century.”Our Package Shichda products are hard to find and expensive.  We are proud to be one of the few companies to have all Four Shichida Books in English. As a result of our research and study, we are able to offer a comprehensive collection of items on Shichida Method to give you an idea of the power of the Right Brain. What You Can Receive Shichida 65 Day Maths Program Extensive notes taken during a Shichida Training course – 13 parts Overview of all the Four Available Shichida Books in English Reading Access to all  Four Books by Dr Shichida. Prof. Celesty’s Report on the Shichida Method DOWNLOADS OF Shichida Random Dot Cards- An alphabetic list of 42 Exercises from the four books ESP games Random Dot Cards.  Ki Energy and Aura Viewing Exercise Autogenic Training Exercise   Programs Available : Affiliate Program Ebook Re-seller Rights White Labelling   Fill out the Enquire Now form below for more information and your copy of Prof. Celeste's Report. Guide to Yumiko Method of QSR Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Guide To Yumiko Method Of QSR This is a guide to the method and techniques of QSR BY Ms  Yumiko Tobitani,  for those interested in the program but want to get a general idea of what it means. The original book is now out of print and the publishers have no intention of doing a second printing. The book is now considered an  antique and fetches as much as $1000 on the internet. This guide provides you with  a lot of information on the basic method and techniques used by Ms Tobitani and you can then decide to go ahead and enroll in our Quantum Speed Reading  Course. The guide explains the summary of the various chapters, highlighting the more important ones. Here is a brief outline of what is covered. How QSR awakens the midbrain. A  list of the more important exercises.  The differences between the foundations and pillars of QSR The Importance of dreams as a benchmark Special eye exercises and how to keep track of progress. Various types of eye exercises Guide to various visualization techniques and how to keep records of progress charts How to combine various breathing techniques with imagery. The complete steps to follow in Practical Training. Training program for children and for Adults.   Programs Available : Affiliate Program Ebook Re-seller Rights White Labelling   Click  ENQUIRE NOW  form below  For the  course outline, bonuses and to access the basic method and technique. How To Achieve Financial Freedom Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Financial freedom is much more than having money. It’s the freedom to be who you really are and do what you really want in life. And many of us,  lose site of this by putting others first and playing many different roles such as parent, spouse, employee, friend, and more.If you want to be financially-free, you need to become a different person than you are today and let go of whatever has held you back in the past. It’s a process of growth, improvement and gaining spiritual and emotional strength to become the most powerful, happy, and successful “you” possible. That is the true reward of financial freedom.Financial Freedom By Erasing Debt and Building Long-Term Wealth A Proven System For Erasing Debt and Taking Complete Control Of Your Finances To Build Long-term Wealth. Inside you'll get instant access to: The mistakes people make that stop them from acquiring true wealth How to avoid outliving your retirement account how to achieve true financial independence and never worry about money again Three  powerful programs for building your wealth smarter, easier, and FASTER than you can ever imagine: Wealth Building Made Simple Everything you will need to multiply your investment income, from real estate to the stock market. Strategic Achievement Sales, marketing, and leadership tactics to fast-track your success. The Way to Wealth Digital PDF Workbook 250 page writable PDF workbook. Fill it out on your computer conveniently, or print it out to write in and take notes. Use it as your success blueprint!Do you feel like you’re treading water in the ocean of life, giving your all but getting nowhere financially, making just enough to stay afloat…barely? Do you lie awake at night with the thought that one setback—a layoff, an illness, a family crisis—could send everything crashing down? Winning the Game of Money - Free Video Series    This is a free 4 video series about how to unlock the hidden parts of your brain that allow you to achieve your personal & financial goals-that then promotes the Winning the Game of Money Get Access To A “Top-Secret” Collection Of The World’s Most Closely Guarded Personal Development Trainings, Interviews And MasterclassesIn order to earn more income you must have the right Mindset, the right Skill Set and the right Action SetYou were always told that if you went to college, worked hard, and got a respectable job with benefits, that you would live a comfortable life and retire when you were ready. As the years go by, though, you’re still just scraping by, the future more uncertain than ever.Do you feel like money (or lack of money) controls your life?   You’re not alone.For many, money worries can indeed detract from quality of life.Our bank account determines where we live, how we spend our free time, and where our children go to school.So how do you take charge of your finances and regain control of your life?First, you must banish those limiting beliefs that are preventing you from achieving the wealth you desire.I should know.A high school dropout, I drifted between odd jobs, at one point living out of my car, until I was 30.That’s when I decided to build a plan that would generate real wealth--a plan that has since made me millions. Now I want to share it with you.With the help of my powerful program,“Wealth Building Made Simple,” you will develop the mindset and skills you need to break free of the stranglehold money has on you, secure financial freedom for life, and achieve all the rewards that wealth brings--a home you’re proud of, exotic getaways, and most importantly, the confidence that you can provide for your family no matter what the future brings.Order the  “Wealth Building Made Simple” system here at an unbelievably marked-down price!Remember, only YOU have the power to make your financial dreams a reality.Let’s get started today.12 Level Brain Re-Training System that  Automatically Retrain Your brain to have the beliefs, habits, confidence, perceptions and behaviors of a multimillionaire. Plus many bonuses.   Fill the Enquire Now form below to access the Four Part Video + The Top Secret Collection + the Free Guide and to try the Program for just $1.00. How To Activate Your Super Memory Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Memory is our ability to encode, store, retain and subsequently recall information and past experiences in the human brain. It can be thought of in general terms as the use of past experience to affect or influence current behaviour. Memory is the sum total of what we remember, and it  gives us the capability to learn and adapt from previous experiences as well as to build relationships. It is the ability to remember past experiences, and the power or process of recalling to mind previously learned facts, experiences, impressions, skills and habits. It is the store of things learned and retained from our activity or experience, as evidenced by modification of structure or behaviour, or by recall and recognition. "How Quickly Would Your Life Change If You  Could Suddenly Learn New Languages Effortlessly,Memorize Every Number In Your Phone Book, Command Incredible Focus, And Even Recite  An Entire Book Forwards AND Backwards... In As Little As 60 Days From Today... Discover Why Real Memory Imrovement Is Called "The Holy Grail," "A Godsend For Humanity," "The Next Step In Human Evolution," Learn the Memory Experts Techniques That Will Change Your Life ** WHAT YOU WILL LEARN     The importance of memory Types of memory and how to improve them Brain Training (DOs & DONTs): Exercises To Improve Your Brain & Memory Memory Building Techniques: A Collection of All Important Techniques Different Kinds of Learning & How To Use Them To Improve Your Memory Short, Middle, And Long-Term Memory: Different Training Techniques Brain Food & How To Naturally Improve Your Memory Memory Building Software Tools Memory Principles Memorising Numbers Memorising Names Science Of Memory Professional Applications Personal Application Passing Exams Application Of Memory Techniques You will also learn: How to Use the "Palace Technique" and remember and retrieve information from the hippocampus (memory) much more quickly  Tips and tricks fromLearn how to improve your memory skills instantly using key memory principles, memory tools and memory techniques the memory experts, to help you memorize more effectively The Acronym Method ,which has two variants: “The Acronym Mnemonic Technique“ and “The Sentence Method”. The Link System with the variants: "The Chain Link Method" and "The Story Method". The Location Method (Loci), where you will learn “The Roman Room Technique" and  " The Journey Technique". The PEG System"  and the most important variants of this techniques The Alphabet Method; The Number Shape Method; The Number Rhyme Method; The Body Parts Method; The Major System.: The Sound Alike Method, Rhymes and Jingles, The Sing-a-Long Method and Mind Maps. Journey Technique   Free Access to Leading memory books RESULTS YOU CAN EXPECT Know how to use proven strategies in order to improve your short, middle and long term memory Use the RRR Method so that you can grasp the idea behind any kind of information more quickly Create little tales and through them remember information 20x more quickly Use the 5WS Method in Order to Think Things Through More Identify toxic learning/memorizing behaviors and how to work around them Use storytelling as a measure to improve your memory and overall mental performance Identify visual learners and understand learning methods connected to visual learners that make them learn and memorize more quickly Identify tactile learners and understand learning methods connected to tactile learners that make them learn and memorize more quickly Use brain foods in order to improve your memory and overall mental capacity Identify memory killing foods and know alternatives with which you can exchange the bad ones Use software applications such as Anki and Lumosity in order to keep your brain active!   Available Formats : Centre/ City/ Country License Live Workshop ( Venue & dates TBA) Online Course. Affiliate Program Fill Out The Enquire Now Form Below To  Get Your Free Copy Of  “ How To Improve Your Memory   And To Get  “free Access To Leading Memory Books. How To Become A Superlearner Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Superlearning” is the title of a book authored by Sheila Ostrander, Lyn Schroeder, and Nancy Ostrander. It was first published in 1979 and an updated version was published in 1997 as “Superlearning 2000.”The authors wanted to introduce some of the discoverires in Soviet Russia and the theory of  Suggestopaedia by the Bulgarian Educationist – Dr Georgi Lozanov. The ideas from their booki were used to create programs such as Accelerated Learning – Suggestive Accelerative Learning with the claim that learning can be speeded up upto 3 times faster.  ‘Many of the techniques discussed are designed to increase relaxation and reduce physical and emotional pain, creating a highly receptive mental state. Today, as a result of the many advances in psyc hology, neuro-science and brain research,  a SuperLearner has access to  the following: The Learning Brain- Brain States – Brain Waves – Neuroscience of Learning – Neuroplasticity – neurogenesis NLP Optimal State of Leanring- Accelerated Learning Discovering your preferred Learning Style Maximizing your Multiple Intelligences You don’t have to do the research all over againWe have done all the research for you and combined them into an easy to follow course.Why you need SuperLearning? We are living in a world with ever-increasing rates of change. Especially in high-technology, processes and procedures that you learn today will be obsolete in just a few years, or less! Imagine a software engineer who wrote software for MS-DOS now having to write for Windows Vista. Medical research, the mapping of DNA and simulation modeling are dramatically changing medical practice, including developing designer medications. How does one keep up?The approaches to education in many of our schools are similar to the methods used 100 years ago. Some of Learning Outcomes you can look forward to At the end of this course, you will  be able to: Discuss how the brain learns. Use at least 2 techniques to optimize your learning mindset and senses. Use at least 3 techniques to increase your reading speed  with comprehension. Use social curation tools to discover, collect, organize, and sharing learning resources. Use at least 2 techniques to improve your memory. Use at least 2 tools to empower creative and critical thinking Five Great Ideas To awaken your genius, you have to attain the skills of self-discovery. You must first become a guru about you. Self-discovery is to know yourself and own your successes and faults You must restructure your thinking, so that what others perceive as failure, you perceive as feedback Geniuses realize that now is the best starting point for a brighter and more exciting future We are all moving – some people are moving forward, some are moving in the reverse, and others move wherever the advertisers tell them to go. Are you willing to realize the limitlessness of your potential? We are always in the right place at the right time, and will always have what we need   Details Section One of Superlearning 2000 is a survey of research into accelerating the process of learning. Many of the techniques explained were developed during the Cold War to train scientists to create advanced weapons systems, help intelligence operatives rapidly learn foreign languages, and help athletes achieve exceptional performance. Some of the technologies discussed might be pseudo-scientific. According to the authors, promising results have been achieved by individuals and organizations that have used them. Traditional education usually is an "outside in" process of imposing information through lecture and study. Superlearning is more of an "inside out" process to facilitate the absorption of information. Many of the techniques discussed are designed to increase relaxation and reduce physical and emotional pain, creating a highly receptive mental state. An example is simply playing Baroque music with a tempo of 60 beats per minute before and during a lesson. Section Two of the book is a How-To Handbook Of Superlearning, explaining how you can apply these concepts yourself. One chapter alone, How to Reach the Optimal Superlearning State, is worth the price of the book. If you apply the ideas in this chapter, you should become much more effective in managing stress, which should also improve your health. If you want to accelerate your ability to learn, control stress, and improve your health, read and apply the ideas in Superlearning 2000. Whether you want to learn a foreign language, improve your tennis game, ace a test, or learn anything two-to-five times faster, the fun and innovative method of superlearning is designed to unlock your limitless potential. This revolutionary program reveals how the right kind of music can enhance learning, which "superfood" can make people a startling 25 percent smarter, the subliminal message that increases test scores, and much more.   Available Formats : Centre/ City/ Country License Live Workshop ( Venue & dates TBA) Online Course. Affiliate Program Fill Out The Enquire Now Form Below To Order Your Free  30 Day Trial. How To Develop The Photographic Memory Capability Of Your Genius Child Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 What is Photographic memory?One of the Right Brain Functions identified by the late Prof. Makoto Shichida is the High Speed Mass Memory Function.  In other words, the Right Brain has the ability to memorize massive amount of information at very high speed. It is also called Photographic memory which allows one to remember an entire page   of information in one glance, as though taking a photo snapshot with a camera.The controversy surrounding photographic memory is largely due to an incorrect definition and concept of what it is. The Dictionary (Oxford) Definition: “The ability to remember information or visual images in great detail.”   The Hollywood/Junk Science Definition: “The ability to blink and store an image of whatever you were looking at in your head (and keep it there forever).” The controversy exists because of the Hollywood definition of the ability. While there are people who claim to be able to do this, all are thought to be fake as none of the claims have been validated. Eidetic Memory This is a condition where people are able to visualize an image for a brief time after it’s been taken away. A photographic memory refers to being able to recall every minute detail as if you had the object right in front of your eyes. As you can imagine, this is an extremely useful tool to have, and the amount of people who possess this wonderful ability is greater that you think it is. Some initial tests have suggested that quite a number of children, and perhaps adults too, have a special ability – something like a photographic memory, called “eidetic imagery”. This allows them to continue to ‘see’ an image, in detail, for a short while even after it is taken away. The  University of Iowa Department of Psychology in association with the  The Open University of   UK has designed a series of tests, to help the photographic memory. There are only 10 questions, so do please try to do all of them, even if you think you are just guessing. You may not be aware of having the ability, so you might be doing better than you think! Initial tests suggest that talking disrupts the ability so try to do the test in a quiet place. If you score highly, it might be a sign that you have a 'photographic memory' - in which case, you'll be asked if you'd like to take part in a more serious study being organised by the University of Iowa. Access the test. What are the advantages of a photographic memory, you might ask. The benefits of your child having a photographic memory are not difficult to imagine.  Your child will have immediate access to all the information stored in the memory.  She will be able to recall any information from any book she has read or page she has seen. To us parents brought up in the left brain dominant education, these claims may see too difficult to believe but Shichida and his tutors have proved that with the right training these abilities are within the reach of all children. Stephen Wiltshire -  is a British architectural artist.[ He is known for his ability to draw from memory a landscape after seeing it just once. His work has gained worldwide popularity. It is evident that having a photographic memory is a one step up advantage from being an average Joe in the street. In our information age, knowledge is essential to being successful in life. Why settle for being able to access knowledge, when you can have knowledge at your fingertips at any moment? We have designed a unique course after researching and studying all the available material on the topic. Our course is quite comprehensive, consisting of 10 modules that cover every known activity that promotes the photographic memory of the child. Please make use of this opportunity today to give your child a lasting gift.   Fill out the  Enquire Now form below to  Access the Test and Try our program for US $1.   Programs Available : Online Course Centre/ City / Country License -  Affiliate Program. Re-seller Rights. White Labelling How To Tap In To Your Energy To Get Answers To Life's Questions And Challenges Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 How to Tune Into Your Spiritual Energy to Empower Your “Real World” Learn four powerful yet simple energy techniques to tap into your spiritual body so you can easily fine tune your physical world for more health, wealth, love, inner peace and clarity Discover How To Tap Into Your Energy To Get Answers, Heal Yourself, Attract Synchronicities, Raise Your Vibration… And Make An Impact On The world Program That Guides You Through The Most Amazingly Effective Energy Secrets To Rapidly Overcome Blocks In Your Everyday Life Discover Four Powerful Practical Ways to Bring Energy Medicine Into Your Everyday Life You know that everything is energy. But how do you apply this to your life? Join us in this Mindvalley Masterclass for an eye opening demonstration where you’ll witness firsthand how energy actually runs our reality and walk away with at least 4 different energy medicine techniques. From Donna Eden and David Feinstein, Ph.D. – The world’s leading Energy Medicine Practitioners Master How To Transform Your Body’s Energy Systems To Create Faster Healing, Longevity & Be In Tune With Your Own Natural Healing Energies Join Donna Eden For An 8-Week Journey To Become A Profound User Of Energy Medicine So You That You Can MAGNIFY The Potential In Your Health, Happiness, Productivity, And Relationships — And Even Help Others. (There Is A Reason Why Western Institutions And Hospitals Have Started To Apply This Learn AT No cost  FOUR  most effective energy healing techniques that’ll help you attract more abundance, more love, more good health and more happiness in your life (this results in remarkable synchronicity like nothing you’ve seen before. Access Four Healing Techniques At No Cost We have an extensive collection of healing modalities for you to explore Healing Intention – located at A; (H) 900/943/ Pranic Healing EFT Quantum Touch Quantum K healing Healing with numbers   Fill Out The  Enquire Now Form  Below  To For More Information On Donna Eden’s Program And   To Access The Collection Of  Free Healing Modalities…….. How To Use Your Body's Energy System For Healing & Longevity Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Become A Profound User Of Energy Medicine So You That You Can MAGNIFY The Potential In Your Health, Happiness, Productivity, And Relationships — And Even Help Others. This course is for you if: You are fascinated by the potential of energy medicine and want to take a GIANT step towards mastering its use for healing yourself and others. You are tired of the crisis-intervention style traditional medicine and want to take control of your own health by working with your body’s energy systems. You are looking for ways to compliment your doctor’s medical advice with natural practices of Energy Medicine so you can live longer, enjoy more vitality and experience superb mind-body connection. One Of The Most Comprehensive Energy Medicine Frameworks Ever Donna Eden a gifted healer with  the rare ability to see the body’s 9 Energy Systems. Whilst there are some people who can see Chakras, Donna can see an additional 8 systems. The Body’s Nine Energy Systems: Meridians Chakras Aura Radiant Circuits Triple Warmer Celtic Weave Five Rhythms Electrics Basic Grid What You Will Get From This Free Course You’ll start sensing your body’s signals of distress, allowing you to make healthy choices for getting back on track long before a crisis. You’ll understand the nature of your own energy in ways that help you make leap in your health and vitality You’ll develop the energetic vibrancy, mental clarity, and emotional balance you need to set yourself up for an extraordinary life. You’ll learn how to manage bodily stress and to function in the world with greater joy, ease, and flow. You’ll have tools to select the food and clothing that is in energetic harmony with you, bringing out the best in you. You’ll know how to work with other people’s energy in a way that harmonizes and rejuvenates them. You’ll experience greater spiritual expansion and growth that adds a new sense of meaning and fulfillment to your life. Energy Medicine is the future of health and vitality. Fill out the Enquire Now form below to Access your Energy Collection including…… EFT Pranic Healing Healing Intention Grabvoi Number Healing Quantum K King Technique Power Of Personal Achievement Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 The Skills, Tools and Confidence to Achieve Anything and Everything You Want, in Every Aspect of Your Life! Finally: A proven, step-by-step system for developing the mindset, habits and decision-making skills to create exactly the life you want,effortlessly, no matter how educated you are, how much money you have, or the circumstances you’re living in now! If you struggle to create the life you truly want and know you deserve, you’re not alone. Maybe you’ve tried tons of new ideas for improving your life, but your results always fall just short of what you really want. Or maybe you’ve been afraid to make changes — because you fear failure. Maybe you think you don’t deserve anything more than what you have. Or maybe you’re just exhausted from trying so hard, all the time, and not getting anywhere. Look, it doesn’t have to be this way. You CAN create a blueprint for your perfect life, and then follow it methodically to completion. All you have to do is harness the Power of Personal Achievement. When you do, you realize anything is possible. You’ve probably heard me say that success leaves tracks; that is, if you want to achieve the same level of success as someone else, find out what he did to achieve it, and do exactly what he did, over and over, until you succeed, too. During the past 40 years, I have worked tirelessly to discover the truth: the “secret” behind success. Guess what I’ve found? The secret is that there is no secret. Success, I discovered, is simple: it’s following a process that has been proven to work — without ever giving up. This program takes EVERYTHING you would learn at the live event and brings it to YOU, to explore in the comfort of your own home, on your own time, at your own pace — so you can achieve the results you desire and deserve.   Order your copy of "Power of Personal Achievement Home Study Program," now! When you harness the Power of Personal Achievement, your life changes. You’ll learn how to: Set your goals and methodically achieve them, more quickly and efficiently than ever before Experience calm and peace of mind  as you whip through your daily activities with ruthless efficiency Feel newly fulfilled as you direct your energy and resources toward your personal mission Find that success comes easily and naturally — and life no longer feels like a struggle Unleash your full human potential (and right now, you have more potential than you could possibly use in this lifetime) Take control of your life, forever — no more feeling like a victim of circumstance And SO much more In short, you transform your life. You’ll also learn: The RIGHT way to visualize your ideal future so you have a clear idea of what you want and how to get it The most powerful goal-setting process ever developed so you know exactly what to do, every step of the way, to achieve anything and everything you want to A surprisingly simple way to increase your chances of accomplishing your goals by 1000%! Techniques for doubling your productivity so you have more time to spend doing what you love with the people you love Where you can find a source of FREE ENERGY that stimulates and motivates you even if you’re tired (no drugs or caffeine required!) A SINGLE quality that is essential for high levels of self-esteem, peak performance and leadership — in other words, if you want to achieve ultra-success, you MUST develop it Powerful techniques for eliminating the sources of stress and tension in your life, resulting in a greater sense of control and personal power The power of verbalization: using it to articulate your new, desired self — and to begin living as that person The most powerful tool for inner development and outer improvement that you could possibly dream of — and, good news, you already have it! Discover how to put it to use EXACTLY what stimulates the superconscious mind, which drives every facet of your success One 4-word phrase that lowers your fears and builds your self-confidence — use it to ditch your fear of failure and take healthy risks that yield big results How to maximize your brain power and increase your IQ by 25 points My proven ABCDE Method for time management — and how to use it to AVOID wasting 50% of your time, like most working people do The key to successful human relationships — which determine 85% of your success How to raise children with high levels of self-confidence and self-esteem, so they grow up capable of creating a wonderful life for themselves Where to look for your personal mission, and why, at first glance, it may not appear to be anything like your personal mission — you may be surprised! The very WORST use of your life, and how to ensure you avoid this common behavior And much more!   Never again will you feel like your life is a series of disappointments and shortcomings. You’ll feel powerful and confident as you move toward your most important goals — and create the life of your dreams. Order your copy of “The Power of Personal Achievement” here! This DVD Set is basically 3 days’ worth of edited footage from my live 3-day “Power of Personal Achievement” event, for which attendees paid thousands of dollars. It gives you over 16 hours of instruction, broken down into the following sections: The Psychology of Achievement Seven Mental Laws Unlocking Your Potential (parts 1 and 2) Your Subconscious Powerhouse Taking Charge of Your Life Eliminating Negative Emotions Releasing Your Brakes The Worry Buster Programming Your Mind for Success Changing Your Self-Concept The New Mental Diet Software for the Brain Rapid Learning Techniques Five Keys to Goal Setting The Seven Step Goal Setting Process Your Personal Mission Your Superconscious Mind (Parts 1 and 2) Time Management Strategies. Understanding the Mind-Body Relationship Eliminating Stress and Tension Developing a Healthy Personality Building Superior Relationships How to Raise SuperKids Finding True Purpose in Life   Fill Out The  Enquire Now Form  Below  To Order Your Free Copy Of Living By Your Personal Code. Power Productivity Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 What  do highly-successful people do to achieve their goals, stay productive, and get things done — even when they’re frustrated, overwhelmed, and feel like giving up! No matter where you are in life, becoming a master of your time is something that will benefit you, and I'd like to help you do just that. So, I created Power Productivity, which follows the exact techniques that I used myself to go from broke underachiever to one of the most recognized and highest paid experts in productivity. In this brand-new training, you will learn: How to use a proven, systematic process for creating — and accomplishing — your daily, weekly, and even lifetime goals How to set up a system for staying productive, so you can go from wherever you are in life, to wherever you want to go How to “eliminate” procrastination from your life forever — using a practical and proven-to-work “momentum-gaining” technique that breaks down even the hardest tasks to easily manageable, simple steps This training includes 12 lessons (instantly available via video or audio): Lesson 1: Priming Your Mind For Success Lesson 2: The Power of Planning Lesson 3: The Importance of Long-Term Clarity Lesson 4: Taking Action for Results Lesson 5: Determining Your Core Contributions Lesson 6: Prepare, Prepare, Prepare Lesson 8: You Are Responsible Lesson 9: Using Technology to Your Advantage Lesson 10: Making Every Minute Count Lesson 11: Building High Performance Habits Lesson 12: Putting It All Together PLUS, these productivity training materials when you invest in Power Productivity today:Downloadable Worksheets Quizzes 1-Click Support  Power Productivity Facebook Group We’re going to go over: The 6 things that people who work less and achieve more do every day 3 science-driven rules I rely on for becoming a powerhouse of productivity Several achievement-driven exercises — you can easily do at home, or at your desk — to help you figure out your life’s greatest priorities And... so much more! I’ll be sharing the very same system I used – and have used for over 30 years – to achieve improve time management in every area of my life. It’s the very same system I used to go from being a homeless manual laborer to the owner of a multi-million-dollar, international company.To watch the Kickstart Your Productivity training now>>The productivity techniques are so powerful, so effective, and so life changing, I’ve been sharing them the world whenever I can over the years; usually during the middle of an interview, or when I’m privately consulting with a client. Fill out the Enquire Now form below to To access a collection of free cutting edge techniques on Power Productivity. Remove The Blocks To A Life Of Abundance Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Ride the wave of awakening and break free from the 24 ‘Abundance Blocks’ holding you back…with the Unlimited Abundance Home Training Program Commit to liberate yourself from the shackles on your energy and immerse yourself into an energetic transformation. Christie Marie Sheldon's Unlimited Abundance Home Training Program provides you with the tools to break free from the Abundance Blocks in your life and promote a conscious mind shift to enable you to hone your financial intuition and allow you, and others around you, to flourish. I have three questions to ask you about your future this year and beyond. Questions so crucial, they could turn your life around in the coming weeks, months and years.So take a moment to breathe in and clear your mind. Just nod your head if any of these questions resonate with you…  Do you believe your wealth and abundance are directly related to your state of mind and consciousness? If yes, what if there was a process to enhance your state of mind and consciousness, so from this moment onwards you could improve your ability to attract wealth? Would this interest you? And if you knew this process only took a few sessions of practice, but would benefit you for the rest of your life… would you make the time for it? Session Outline Session 1: Clearing Resistance Session 2: Clearing doubt and fear Session 3: Clearing the fear of change Session 4: Clearing money zapping decisions Session 5: Clearing fear of growth Session 6: Clearing fear of success Session 7: Clearing fear of rejection Session 8: Clearing fear of numbers Session 9: Clearing indecision Session 10: Clearing feeling stuck Session 11: Getting clear on your values Session 12: Getting clear on the future Session 13: Clear clutter Session 14: Clear family blocks Session 15: Clear blame Session 16: Discover the ultimate you Session 17: Generate your future self Session 18: Turning Blocks into profits Session 19: Clearing self sabotage Session 20: Clearing lack of self worth Session 21: Clearing your financial mess Session 22: Clearing financial illusions Session 23: Clearing the fear of scarcity Session 24: Clearing blocks to welcoming abundanc Abundance Blocks are the subconscious barriers that prevent you from manifesting wealth. Learn more about what they are, why they exist, and which ones could be sabotaging you. Most energy healers would never share their methodology, but Christie believes you deserve the truth. Discover exactly how it’s possible to remove your Abundance Blocks by using a special technique called Energy Clearing. All you need to do is sit back and relax to experience all the transformational effects.   Fill Out The  Enquire Now Form  Below  To Access Your Free Course. Resources For Gifted And Talented Children Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Giftedness refers to a high intelligence or aptitude, while talented refers to a high level of performance in areas such as music, art, craft, dance or sport. Giftedness is inherited but a gifted child needs support to identify and develop their special abilities. Giftedness can be found in any culture, ethnic or socio-economic group. Their talents can be intellectual, emotional or physical, and appear at any age. A child with a disability can also be gifted. Most children need to repeat something 7-11 times to learn something new. A gifted child needs to repeat something in their areas of special ability just 1-3 times. It is primarily the ability to absorb abstract concepts, organize them more effectively, and apply them more appropriately. How to recognize a Gifted and Talented Child? There  are some general characteristics – link below.Do gifted and talented pupils need gifted and talented teachers and parents?What are some of the Some Do’s and Don’ts in dealing with Gifted and Talented Children ? : How Can You Help A Gifted And Talented Child At Home? The following suggestions will help you develop an environment that will challenge and nurture gifted learner: Provide independent Projects: Vertical Enrichment Technology can offer personalised learning that stretches G&T students. Social networks can be really important   A Free Course For Parents And Teachers Of Gifted And Talented Students.   This  is an excellent blue print for bringing out the Genius in your child,  based on the work of an expert in the field in NZ.   Fill the Enquire Now form below to register in this course. Resources For Parents Of Special Needs Children Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Resources  Forparents Of  Special Needs Children -Product No 8 This is  A Resource Guide to different special needs conditions and disorders – we understand there is a huge amount of information about Special Needs Children on the internet.  So why this page?Before reading anything on the internet about your child's condition, take heed of one experienced mum's warning: "Internet information that is too glib or general can make a terrible time in your life even worse."Anatomy of a Special Needs Child18.5% of American Children under 18 are special needs students.[9]That doesn't mean they aren't smart, talented, or capable. Just that they have specific challenges that a "normal" student wouldn't face.There are four major types of special needs children. Physical-- Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Asthma, Epilepsy, etc. Developmental--Down syndrome, autism, dyslexia, processes disorders. Behavioral/Emotional--ADD, Bipolarism, Oppositional Defiance Disorder Sensory impaired--Blind, visually impaired, deaf, limited hearing. Within most conditions are enormous spectrums and overlaps with other conditions, so assume that each of the following conditions includes the phrase: "Not necessarily as bad as it sounds on Wikipedia." And as with everything pertaining to health and wellbeing, take Doctor Google with a large pinch of salt (swiftly followed by a tequila). "Google perisylvian polymicrogyria, like I did eight years ago, and you'll get a woeful description of a child with learning disabilities who can barely walk or speak - not a child who won her class trophy this morning and collected it, grinning, on a pair of crutches." TheCappsterSpecial education plans offer blue print for students with disabilitiesThe importance of a child’s experiences in their early formative years can greatly impact their future success in school and beyond. For children with special needs, this can be particularly true. Educators work with parents of children with special needs to ready a child for lifelong learning.Simple Exercises You Can Do At Home To Help Your Special Child Brain Exercises such as Brain Gym and Super Brain Yoga. Brain Wave Vibration Right Brain Education : please see the quote from the late Prof. Makoto Shichida: Prof Shichida On Education Of Special Needs Children In his book “The Shichida Method”, the late Professor Makoto Shichida devotes an entire  chapter  to Education for Children with Disabilities. Here are some extracts from the Chapter: “Even a child who is declared by a doctor to need institutionalization for life can turn out to be a smart child, provided he receives an education which emphasizes the right brain. Such cases are not rare in Shichida Academy.” He then goes on to give two cases studies from his files. “Disabled Children Excel in Image Ability. Image education is an education method to save mentally disabled children.  Children with mental handicaps surpass normal children in image ability….” He  has some practical to help parents transform their special needs children into smart ones. Please Fill Out The Enquire Now  Form Below To Receive Your Copy Of Shichida’s Advice And  For A List Of Selected  Resources To Help You. Ruwan's Midbrain Activation For Children Wed, 10 Jan 2018 00:00:00 +0530 The acronym midbrain stands for   m=meditation, I=intuition, d=divine, b=breathing, r=rhythm, a=ajna chakra, I=inner eye, n=nature.Ruwan’s Midbrain Activation© (RMBA) is a training program centered on teaching children to see without using their physical eyes - although it is so much more...   WHAT IS RMBA?RMBA is a form of brain / mind development for children. RMBA teaches children how to use their own life force energy, their mind and their Spirit in ways that they would never learn in school. To understand the science behind our system, it is well to recall the six areas of the Mind: Pre-conscious Mind Sub-conscious Mind Conscious Mind Continuous Conscious Mind Super Conscious Mind Subliminal Mind   RMBA works with the Sub-conscious mind in image work (CycleDynamics), develops intuition which is a function of the Pre-conscious mind, and strengthens the Conscious mind.Children will be taught how to “see” and “read”, do homework, solve puzzles, draw, play computer games, and walk around the room, all with their physical eyes blindfolded. Some children may even develop 360 degree vision or learn to see with other parts of their body such as their hands, feet or backs. This Brain/Mind development will assist children to develop as a whole in many ways and is not just about developing psychic abilities. This work not only has a profound effect on the child, it also assists the whole family in a positive and loving way, which then has a positive effect on the community.RMBA is a unique way of working with children to help them expand the capacity of their mind, awareness and learning capacity.   it is often referred to as brain development because it provides such immense benefit to children who are learning disabled, academically challenged, or perform poorly in school because of behavioral issues. Each RMBA session works with a different image of the Sub-conscious Mind that represents a pillar of the human psyche. When we are born, our Sub-conscious Mind is empty and clear.  As we grow, the experiences of life, imprint as images and beliefs in the Sub-conscious Mind.  These beliefs are important because they create our lives. People become who they believe they are and attract to them only what is in the realm of their beliefs.  In many cases, the beliefs they hold are limiting or even detrimental. RMBA helps children and adults create healthy, balanced images and beliefs at the level of the Subconscious Mind, which frees their creative potential to change their lives.RESULTS OF RMBA Children who take the RMBA Sessions become more positive, self-confident, and respectful of themselves and others.  I notice massive improvements in temperament too.  Both children and adults become happier, and more relaxed – free from sadness, grief, and anger. Children who are shy become more outgoing self-expressive.  Children who dislike attending school begin to love going to class and participating.  Children who are bullied come to know their self-worth and the bullying stops, and so onAn RMBA Session: What We Never Learned in SchoolRMBA sessions are experiential. All sessions allow children and adults to experience their life force energy in a way that is tangible to them.Children learn to activate their energy (life-force, prana, chi, mana) and utilize it to cleanse their energetic fields of heavy energies and emotions.  They also learn how to strengthen their mind and energetic field to help them maintain emotional balance. These activities are part of every session.The energetic activation and purification is followed by guided meditations that allow the child to connect to their inner essence or Light.  They learn how to project this Light beyond the parameters of their physical bodies.  This is how they begin to see without the use of their eyes.  Scientific research is now confirming that people have sensors in their skin that can allow them to see through their skin without the use of their eyes.  Many of the children see through their fingers, ears or abdomen.  Seeing in this way seems to remove limitations placed on traditional eyesight.   The Psychodynamic component of an RMBA session follows.   A different image is worked with for each of the 10 sessions.  Each image represents a foundational aspect of the psyche.Children practice reading increasingly more complex material over the course of the 10 sessions and are given opportunities to draw, put together jigsaw puzzles, and play physical and computer games, all while completely blindfolded!   Watching a person see and read without the use of their physical eyes is an absolutely amazing thing to behold.  Imagin what it's like for the children who do it?  It changes anyone who experiences it whether doing or observing.  You can never go back to the old belief system that you are small and physical and weak, because you KNOW that it’s not true.When the child begins to “see” and read for the first time without the use of their physical eyes, it initiates a massive shift of energy in the room as the child’s consciousness takes a quantum leap in expansion.  It's a feeling I can only describe as JOY as the child makes a quantum leap in consciousness.  Everything changes for them in that moment.  I believe it is because they are accessesing the power of their soul.  It’s something no one can ever take away from them and they know it!When I first learned about the so-called “super psychic children” in Russia, Mexico and China, who could perform such feats, I thought, wow – super psychic … Now I understand that all children can do it.  It’s not a matter of being super-psychic at all.   “all children can do it – all children, without exception.”  Given the opportunity, anyone can do it.  It's simply a part of our minds that few have tapped into.Children and adults who complete the RMBA program generally experience improvement in ability to concentrate, retain information, listen, focus, maintain emotionally stability.  The results are wonderful for anyone but especially helpful to children who are faced with social challenges, broken homes, poor grades, children who are extra-sensitive and gifted, children who are bullied, and any child who lacks self-esteem and confidence.Learning how to cleanse the energetic field and to balance emotions are just a couple of skills RMBA teaches that can benefit a person for life.   RMBA is a different kind of schooling – it is much more than brain or psychic development.  RMBA empowers people at the level of the soul, helping them to break free of limiting patterns, situations and beliefs.  It frees up a person's Divine potential, often initiating sudden blossoming in children and adults and positive evolution for their families and entire communities.What this Program does FOR children: Improves their academic performance Increases their learning ability Improves memory, concentration and focus Increases self-esteem Helps them balance their emotions and energy field Helps them become more responsible and conscious of their environment Develops self-respect, respect for others, and other universal human values Can initiate sudden blossoming What this Program does IN children: Expands their consciousness Strengthens their willpower Helps them to let go of painful and limiting beliefs Awakens their intuition Activates their extraordinary vision (seeing and reading without the use of their physical eyes) Helps awaken other skills Provides access to the next level in the evolution process of human beings   All Children Can Learn Rmba. This program is designed for children between the ages of 6 & 12, who know colours, shapes and can read regular books.  Older children and adults can be taught, although it may take longer. The learning processes consists of 10 weekly sessions, and results are normally seen in the first few. This methodology has been proved to be amazing and very successful for the mental development and evolution of children as human beings …The program starts a brand new journey for them, for their families, for society and for Planet Consciousness. The most amazing thing about RMBA training is the sudden blossoming it can initiate in a child. Everything changes for them in that moment as they access the power of their soul. It’s something no one can ever take away from them and they know it! We must remember human beings are not yet done evolving and RMBA is a big leap in evolution. The RMBA process involves teaching children how to see without using their physical eyes. They are seeing but not using their eyes. One really needs to see it to believe it. The children also work with images from their subconscious mind, learn how to work with their energy fields, and balance their emotions as part of the training. RMBA is described mainly as a vehicle for brain development. This is because the development of this extra-sensory ability greatly increases a child’s ability to concentrate, retain information, to listen, to focus, and to remain emotionally calm and stable. It is wonderful for children who are faced with social challenges, broken homes, poor grades, children who are sensitive and gifted, children who are bullied, and children who generally lack self-esteem. It’s brain development but it’s so much more … This is a different kind of school - a different kind of learning. It empowers children and naturally inspires them to respect themselves, to respect others, and to become better people. RMBA teaches children how to use the power of their own life force energy, their mind and their Spirit in ways they would never learn in school. It is the kind of training that many of us wish had been available to us at an early age. The great news is that our children now have access to these ancient and empowering teachings. I really hope that many will take up this path so that RMBA may become available to all who choose.   Available Formats : Centre/City/Country License Online Course for Parents Live Workshop   Fill out the Enquire Now form below for a Free Trial of our Basic Method. Ruwan's Quantum Speed Reading RQSR Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Quantum Speed Reading (QSR) is for developing your child's mind after Midbrain Activation.  QSR is a completely new technique for reading books without looking at the pages. It was developed in Japan and has been taught to both children and adults there for the last several years. It is one of the follow up programs after Midbrain Activation. We are proud to be the only certified teachers of  Quantum Speed Reading in Australasia trained by Ms Yumiko Tobitani, in Japan. We are also one of the few companies in the world to have access to all the Shichida books published in English.We have developed a unique program to develop the Quantum Speed Reading ability by incorporating: the insights gained from Shichida books, the research carried out by Heguru Right Brain Education Research Proprietary Programs developed in Spanish speaking countries. Advanced QSR Levels designed by Japanese Educators. The result is a comprehensive program that delivers Five Programs for the price of one.Details  of the Five Programs and the Course Outline are available on request. After many years of experimentation QSR has proven to be a highly effective way of learning. However as we shall see it is not at all limited in its effects to education alone.QSR provides an education that will allow the world's children to share one Quantum Language, one that is an understandable language to all. With Quantum Language everything is connected. Let us give you an example: If a child from a particular country does Quantum Speed Reading in his or her non-native language, even if they cannot grasp the meaning of that language, they are able to turn it into their own tongue. The reason for this extraordinary power is that the pictures that come out from the book (created by the right-brain) helps the child to understand the content of the book. "Using this Quantum Language, reading and understanding the books of the world is not a dream. I'm positive of this." Yumiko Tobitani The secret of the human brain is in the Trini TassBy quickly flipping the pages to Quantum Speed Read a book, you will connect with your deeper brain in the diencephalon. This activity will allow a transformation in the cerebrum to occur and draw out new powers for studying, health, everyday living, artistic ability, sport and so on. So this is not only a method that allows you to read a book quickly and easily, or simply to understand the content of the book."We are all members of mankind. Yet we are only one type of the countless creatures that exist on this beautiful earth. So even if you train the human brain's ambassador, the cerebrum, it will only profit us a little. Yet if you activate the first layer of the Trini Tass (known as the reptilian brain), it will create a domino effect throughout the neo cerebral cortex."There are other ways for us to do QSR including what we term 'Image Quantum Speed Reading'  and “Blank Book “The children of the world may all have different thoughts or cultures, but everyone has the same brain. We all share the Trini Tass making us all intrinsically the same.The most important thing is that in the brain's Trini Tass system exists a  very advanced computer system that has not been noticed before. The most important thing to make this very advanced computer operational is to let the children's minds open.Products Available Live Workshop Unit License QSR Workbook   Fill out the Enquire Now Form below for your  Free Package of : The Basic Method and Techniques. The First Four Chapters of the book “Quantum Speed Reading” ( now out of stock). Details of Advanced QSR levels Designed  by a Japanese Company. Secrets To A Million Dollar Vocabulary Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Why you need to improve Your Vocabulary Here  are the average results of an extensive vocabulary test, averaged and grouped by hierarchical level: Build, improve, and expand your vocabulary quickly and easily with the Million Dollar Vocabulary personal learning course. Million Dollar Vocabulary contains breakthrough processes to make it easier to learn over 600 words. Brief and Straightforward Guide: Here are 3 good reasons for improving your vocabulary – Developing a great vocabulary is one of the most overlooked ways to improve our lives. It is often believed that learning many words is only useful for writers and speakers, but the truth is that everyone benefits from it, both personally and professionally. Think of your vocabulary as your “communication toolbox”: every word is a tool, ready to be used at the right time. The more tools you master, the better your chances are of finding the right one for the communication task at hand. But having a huge stock of words at your disposal is not the ultimate goal. Every time you grasp a new word, you end up with more than just a new tool: you understand the ones you already know better. Vocabulary Opens Your Mind When you lack words, you shut down new insights and lines of reasoning. People who possess a limited vocabulary have a much tougher time breaking out from old patterns of thought or questioning. By the same token, each new word you learn opens a new avenue of thought, empowering you to think or take action in ways you could never have before. “The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words.” –Philip K. Dick "The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug." –Mark Twain Vocabulary Gets You Results The researcher Johnson O’Connor, known for his studies about the impact of vocabulary on people’s lives, has drawn many amazing conclusions from a vast amount of tests and experiments, performed in more than 20 years of research. He always found the same results, no matter which area he looked at, and no matter how he analyzed the data: a person’s vocabulary level is the best single predictor of occupational success. This astounding discovery can be illustrated by the study, made with managers in 39 large manufacturing companies. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS OF THE STUDY See diagram at the top of this page: What determines professional success? Especially for knowledge workers, I would risk saying professional success depends entirely on thinking and communication skills. If you analyze every activity you perform as a knowledge worker, you’ll always get down to either thinking (as the activity that leads to the creation of something new) or communicating (as the activity that gets your ideas across). Well, if words are tools for both thought and communication, it’s no surprise that those who master them have a much greater chance of success – not only professionally, but in their lives as a whole How About Improving Your Own Vocabulary?If you decide to give your vocabulary a boost, the good news is that you won’t need to go back to school or do boring word exercises. You take the most important step just by understanding why you should improve and by your willingness to do so.Fill out the Enquiry Form to Access Your Free Basic Course on Vocabulary Development.   Available Formats : Centre/ City/ Country License Live Workshop ( Venue & dates TBA Online Course. Affiliate Program Speak English In 24 Hours Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Speak English in 24 Hours Teacher with 30 years experience Certificate in Spoken English Cambridge university-England Study Smarter Not Harder Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 We all want to get better grades and waste less time studying. This course is designed to teach you simple ways to improve your studying so that you can learn more in a shorter amount of time. Even if you only learn one or two of the study tips and strategies in this course it can drastically increase the success of your studies. This course is for you if you: Want better grades Struggle to stay motivated to study Spend lots of time studying but don't remember what you've studied Want to learn advanced studying techniques You can take this course all the way through from beginning to end, or if you are short on time you can pick and choose just the lectures you need to improve your studying today.What am I going to get from this course? Over 22 lectures and 1 hour of content! Use advanced studying techniques Understand group study tips and rules Study more effectively to earn better grades Schedule study time better Use flashcards and flashcard apps to study faster and retain more information Assess your own study skills Assess your own learning style to improve your studying Read more effectively for better retention   What is the target audience?This course is for anyone from high school to college who wants to improve their study skills, get better grades, do better on tests and enjoy learning even more COURSE OUTLINE Section 1: Welcome to Supercharge Your Study Skills Section 2: Prepare Yourself for Studying Success Section 3: Scheduling Study Time Section 4: Studying Tips and Strategies Section 5. Self Management Skills Section 6: Effective Note Taking Skills Section 6. Exam Skills ACCESS  OUR COLLECTION OF FREE E- BOOKS ON STUDY SKILLS Study  Smarter Not Harder by Kevin Paul What Successful Students Know   The Study Skills Handbook by Stella  Cottrell The Secrets of  Getting Better Grades Plus many more as we keep adding   Available Formats : Centre/ City/ Country License Live Workshop ( Venue & dates TBA Online Course. Affiliate Program Fill Out The  Enquire Now Form  Below  To Access Our Collection Of Free E-books On Study Skills. Success Mastery Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Here’s A Proven System for Setting-and Meeting-Objectives for Personal and Business SuccessBrian Tracy's Success Mastery Academy: the Ultimate, Uninhibited, Guaranteed Way to Achieve Peak Performance and Succeed in All Your Goals, Personally and Professionally. Ever wish you could do and be more in your life? You work hard every day, nose to the grindstone. You put in extra time, extra effort, and extra energy. 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Want to take a quick look at some of the Programs that Brian Tracy has to offer? Fill out the Enquire Now form below to Download a collection of his popular reports and books. Teach Your Baby To Read Wed, 17 Jan 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Babies reading? Like many people, your initial reaction may be one of skepticism. But not only is it possible to teach your baby to read, it's also easy to do (easier than if you wait until your child is five or six years old). More importantly, your baby will love it!-"I don't believe it!"If you are skeptical about early reading, then this is the page for you. This is also the page for you if you are teaching your baby or young child to read and have to deal with the skepticism or outright criticism of friends, relatives and teachers.Why teach babies to read?If you think babies are too young to learn to read, or wonder why anyone would teach a baby to read, you might be interested in the article Why Teach Reading Early? Although teaching babies to read is fun, that isn't the only reason for doing it. Children who learn to read in their first few years of life experience long-term gains in reading ability as well as other spheres of life.The top 8 myths of Early ReadingOn this website you'll find a host of information about early reading, and the scientific research that supports it. Children who learn to read as babies experience long-term gains in reading ability, overall academic achievement, as well as many other spheres of life. What's more, the ability to read is a gateway to all the knowledge there is in the world.The Whole Language vs. Phonics DebateThe worldwide debate about reading concerns not just  when  to teach reading , but also how to teach it. There are two main schools of thought - the whole-language school (which emphasizes the recognition of whole words), and the phonics school (which emphasizes the development of the skills needed to decode words).For more on this debate, go to Whole Language Vs Phonics. What are the learning methods for babies?Your baby will not learn to read simply by you reading books to him. You need to start more simply - with single words, and frequent lessons of short duration. How you present them is up to you. Some techniques to consider are the flash method, multisensory method and Native Reading method.  Why is early learning So Important? The period from birth to age eight - and especially, from birth to age three - is a critical time in baby brain development. This is because the first years of life lay the neurological foundation for intellectual growth into adolescence and adulthood. From the moment of conception, the neurons (nerve cells) of the brain multiply faster than any other cells in a baby's body. "Use it or lose it" Babies are Linguistic GeniusesGlenn Doman, founder of the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP), said it first: babies are linguistic geniuses. Doman points out that while learning to speak one's native language perfectly may be an everyday miracle, it is a miracle nonetheless;What is  Right-Brain Learning?Most people have a dominant hand, a dominant foot and a dominant eye. And so it goes for the brain, and for most of us, the left hemisphere is dominant.Shouldn't I teach the alphabet first?Babies can learn to read whole words without knowing the letters of the alphabet. However, children need to learn phonics in order to progress to phonetic reading (sounding out words). Some people think that children shouldn't learn to read whole words. We believe that it is beneficial to learn to read as young as possible, and that so long as children learn phonics before they start school, they will be fluent readers. For more on this debate, go to Whole Language Vs Phonics.What if my baby doesn't enjoy reading?Step back, and look at what you're doing. The cardinal rule of teaching babies reading - or anything else, for that matter - is to make it fun. Isn’t Learning to Read Supposed to be Difficult?Reading depends on the brain's ability to connect and integrate various sources of information - specifically, visual with auditory, linguistic and conceptual areas. This integration depends on the maturation of each of the individual regions, their association areas, and the speed with which these regions can be connected and integrated.The Experts: Glenn Doman Every child has genius potential. Key Principles of Early Education According to Doman Makoto Shichida The late Dr Makoto Shichida was a highly respected figure in Japan and around Asia. Outside Japan, early learning centers using the Shichida Method can be found in Malaysia and Singapore.   Our Recommendation Teach Your Child to Read Through a Unique Combination of Synthetic Phonics and Phonemic Awareness Skills Development. Reading is one of the most important skills one must master to succeed in life. It helps your child succeed in school, helps them build self-confidence, and helps to motivate your child. Being able to read will help your child learn more about the world, understand directions on signs and posters, allow them to discover reading as an entertainment, and help them gather information.   Fill the Enquire Now form below  to Download The Following Products For Teaching Your   Baby Read: Children’s Ebooks Flash Card Library Everything you need to know about teaching your child to read Powerpoint Slide Shows Think Like A Genius Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Thinking Skills are mental processes we use to do things like: solve problems, make decisions, ask questions, construct plans, evaluate ideas, organise information and create objects.  Thinking is fundamental to us humans. So much so, one philosopher said : “ I think therefore I am.”    Knowing how to think in any given situation – which type of thinking to employ – is a vital skill. The start point is understanding that there are many different ways to think; that how we think should be a matter of conscious choice. In this course you will learn how you can improve your ability to think critically, evaluate information and develop reasoned arguments. So, if how to think is a choice, what are the key types of thinking skills? Here are some of the most commonly used categories. Rather than simply repeat dictionary definitions of thinking skills, we have included brief descriptions of how we see the terms being used in the real world of work: Creative thinking – a general term for the ability to develop fresh perspectives and new ideas. There are many specific techniques available to aid the creative thinking process. Our most popular creativity course is called Creativity for Logical Thinkers – although in reality it is highly relevant for all thinking types who need to be more creative. Lateral thinking – this is the term used popularised by Edward De Bono to describe a non-linear mode of thinking. De Bono’s Lateral Thinking courses remain an effective way to learn how to think in order to systematically generate new ideas. Critical thinking –Critical thinking is the ability to collect and evaluate information and evidence in a logical way to reach best and most accurate results possible. Critical thinking is a key skill in this modern age, required and appreciated in all disciplines and professions. This term is used in many different ways. Perhaps most commonly it is used to denote thorough or exhaustive thinking. Our structured and critical thinking training course makes use of a number of models and templates as an aid to thorough thinking – ensuring all angles are covered. Our  critical thinking skills course provides the necessary tools for tackling challenging problems structurally & systematically, analysing them and quickly assessing all options. The critical thinking skills  course will provide fresh insights and a better understanding of challenging situations, making you better prepared to deal with them more effectively. Logical thinking – the process of progressing a thought process in a linear way. It is probably the dominant thinking process in western society – and many others too. Parallel thinking – this is the process of avoiding group conflict by all adopting the same mode of thinking at the same time. The best known example of parallel thinking is De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats. Each metaphorical (or physical) hat represents a different type of thinking. Structured thinking – another way of describing critical thinking; using templates and models to think exhaustively about something. Positive thinking – although often referred to as an attitude rather than a distinct thinking process, the inclusion of techniques such as CBT – cognitive behavioural thinking – adds weight and structure to positive thinking training courses. Strategic thinking – a widely used term and therefore one that is used in many different ways. Typically it is used to refer to the sort of thinking required by organisations to set direction rather than individual tactics to deliver results. Divergent thinking – in the creative thinking process, divergent thinking refers to the thinking required to generate an unfiltered pool of ideas. Convergent thinking – once ideas have been generated, they need to be assessed and developed into workable proposals. This process is often referred to as convergent thinking. Associative thinking – the process of linking one thought or idea to another. Associative thinking can be used for creative thinking purposes and has a key role in most memory techniques. Radiant thinking – this is a specific form of associative thinking where the thinking radiates out from a central idea. Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping is a good example of radiant thinking. Mind Mapping training is available  through our online Mind Mapping course.  Please fill out the Enquire Now form at the bottom of the page. More Info What am I going to get from this course? Over 32 lectures and 2.5 hours of content! Comprehend problem solving abilities Understand the Step by Step Process of critical thinking Learn how to apply non-linear thinking Learn how to use logical thinking Understand what it means to be a critical thinker How to evaluate information applying critical thinking steps Recognize the benefits of using critical thinking Understand problem solving abilities. Thinking Styles Lecture 5 - Understanding Non-Linear Thinking Lecture 6 - Case Study 2 Non Linear Thinking Lecture 7  - Q&A Review 3  - Lecture 8  -  Understanding Logical Thinking Lecture 9  - Case Study 3 Logical Thinking Lecture 10   Q&A Review 4 Section 4: The Blueprint Lecture 11 - Critical Thinking Part I Lecture 12 - Case Study 4 Critical Thinkers Lecture 13 - Q&A Review 5  - 10 pages Lecture 14 - Critical Thinking Part II Lecture 15 - Case Study 5 Critical Thinking Lecture 16 - Lecture 17 - Assess the Information Lecture 18         Case Study 6 Evaluate the Information  - Lecture 19 - Q&A Review 7  - 10 pages Lecture 20 - The Benefits of Critical Thinking Lecture 21 - Case Study 7 Benefits of Critical Thinking Lecture 22 - Q&A Review 8  - 10 pages Lecture 23 - Different Perspectives Lecture 24 - Case Study 8 Changing Perspective  - Lecture 25 - Q&A Review 9  - 10 pages Lecture 26 - Problem Solving Skills Lecture 27 - Case Study 9 Problem Solving  - Lecture 28 - Q&A Review 10 Available Formats: Centre/ City/ Country License Live Workshop ( Venue & dates TBA) Online Course. Affiliate Program Fill the Enquire Now form below to try this course for $1.00. Transform Your Mind Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Details Experience multiple breakthrough transformations in key areas of your life and put yourself among the world’s happiest super-achievers in 8 weeks So You Too Can Make The Lightning Fast Progress In Your Goals And Dreams For Instant Transformation That’ll Make A Day-And-Night Difference To The Things That Matter In Your Life I’m going to share with you what new research reveals is the exact reason why your road to success is paved with hard work and struggle, even when you have tried everything from goal setting techniques to execution strategies, productivity hacks, time management tricks and perhaps even personal coaching. This is what makes the difference between 99% of the population and the 1% that forms the world’s top extraordinary achievers — Olympians, Hollywood Stars, A-list Singers, Business Heroes and the like. If you’re ready to start achieving all the big audacious goals you’ve set for yourself, prepare to be excited. Experience an Actual Transformational Hypnotherapy Session (must be experienced in a quiet space).   In this brand new course, you will discover: You will learn the key difference between 99% of the population and the 1% that are super performers — Olympians, Hollywood Stars, Two Royal Families and A-List actors and actresses. The answer will surprise you… What self-esteem actually is, what it’s not, and the degree to which you can influence it How to know how much self-esteem you actually have and how to directly and permanently impact it for the better The difference between your self-image and self-esteem and how they influence each other. How and why lasting confidence can be developed in less than 10 minutes (by listening to this simple audio track) 2 simple, yet powerful daily practices which overcome self-esteem issues in a few minutes a day The role self-esteem, self-image, and self-confidence plays in achieving any goal you set for yourself   Is reality malleable? Why do some people seem to have all the luck? This class teaches you the transcendent methods to alter reality to match the visions in your head. Discover How To Harness The Power Of Your Consciousness To Bend Reality So You Too Can Manifest Crazy Coincidences, Synchronicities & Luck.   Fill Out The  Enquire Now Form  Below  To  To Register For The Free Course……..) Ultimate Self Development Library Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 A collection of resources to help you in your search for Self Help – Self Growth – Self ImprovementWhat is Personal Development?Personal development isn’t something that happens to you - it’s something that you must choose to do for yourself. But once you make that choice, you need to have the right tools to put it into action successfully. Here are a few powerful personal development skills.Personal development covers activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations. Personal development takes place over the course of a person's entire life.[1] Personal development can also include developing other people. This may take place through roles such as those of a teacher or mentor, either through a personal competency (such as the skill of certain managers in developing the potential of employees) or through a professional service (such as providing training, assessment or coaching).Beyond improving oneself and developing others, "personal development" labels a field of practice and research. As a field of practice, it includes personal development methods, learning programs, assessment systems, tools, and techniques.Personal development is a lifelong process. It is a way for people to assess their skills and qualities, consider their aims in life and set goals in order to realise and maximise their potential.Overview Inter alia, personal development may include the following activities: improving self-awareness improving self-knowledge building or renewing identity/self-esteem improving skills and/or learning new ones developing strengths or talents identifying or improving potential improving a career building employability or (alternatively) human capital enhancing lifestyle and/or the quality of life and time management improving health improving wealth or social status fulfilling aspirations initiating a life enterprise defining and executing personal development plans (PDPs) improving social relations or emotional intelligence How to Create Your Own Personal Development PlanStudy after study proves that you are far more likely to achieve your financial, health, and lifestyle goals if you write down a personal development plan. Here are a few first steps that will get you started. Clarify your values – Create a mission statement – Your area of excellence – For more essential details on on creating your personal development plan, SEND YOUR REQUEST for the Personal Strategic Planning: 4-Step Action Plan To Strengthen Your Personal Skills.Here are ten free Programs That Make a Differencefour  Steps to Take Your Personal Skills to the Next LevelOnly by discovering your innate, personal skills and developing and exploiting them to their highest degree can you utilize yourself to get the greatest amount of satisfaction and enjoyment from everything you do.Plan Your Way to Success A Systematic Approach for Personal Development Planning Make a Lifestyle Change With These Personal Development Programs How to Achieve Your Personal Development GoalsOne of the best ways to reach your personal development goals is through the incredible power of habit. From losing weight to making more money, you can radically transform your life just with a few simple habits. But how do you actually form a new habit? Here are the steps that I’ve used to develop successful habits and reshape my life. Make a decision – No exceptions – Visualize it –   # 4. seven  Steps To Developing A New Habit- For a more in-depth look at how to develop a new habit in 21 days, read my blogAchieve Greatness on Your Own TimeReach Your Goals and More With These Life-Changing Programs26 Motivational Quotes to Inspire SuccessOne of the best ways to “recharge” your thoughts is to find inspiration in the things that other successful people have said. Here are 26 of my all-time favorite motivational quotes for personal development.9 Success Factors For Personal GrowthResearch has proven that there are 9 success factors that will help you find your best life. By carefully and intentionally adding one or more of these critical elements into your life, you can experience the dramatic and powerful personal growth you’ve been waiting for.Be The Best You: 7 Keys To A Positive PersonalityJust like eating fresh and nutritious foods increases your body’s health, if you feed your mind positive, enriching material, you will have powerful, confident thoughts. This is one of the most consistent and proven personal development skills that I have seen to propel yourself forward and transform your life. The ultimate collection of Self Help ClassicsMore than 200 of the worlds best self help, self development classic – read at your leisureWhy is Personal Development Important?There are many ideas surrounding personal development, one of which is Abraham Maslow's process of self-actualisation.Self-Actualisation Maslow (1970) suggests that all individuals have an in-built need for personal development which occurs through a process called self-actualisation. The extent to which people are able to develop depends on certain needs being met and these needs form a hierarchy.  Only when one level of need is satisfied can a higher one be developed.  As change occurs throughout life, however, the level of need motivating someone’s behaviour at any one time will also change. At the bottom of the hierarchy are the basic physiological needs for food, drink, sex and sleep, i.e., the basics for survival.Second are the needs for safety and security in both the physical and economic sense. Thirdly, progression can be made to satisfying the need for love and belonging. The fourth level refers to meeting the need for self-esteem and self-worth. This is the level most closely related to ‘self-empowerment’. The fifth level relates to the need to understand. This level includes more abstract ideas such as curiosity and the search for meaning or purpose and a deeper understanding. The sixth relates to aesthetic needs of beauty, symmetry and order. Finally, at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy is the need for self-actualisation. Maslow (1970, p.383) says that all individuals have the need to see themselves as competent and autonomous, also that every person has limitless room for growth.Self-actualisation refers to the desire that everybody has ‘to become everything that they are capable of becoming’. In other words, it refers to self-fulfilment and the need to reach full potential as a unique human being.For Maslow, the path to self-actualisation involves being in touch with your feelings, experiencing life fully and with total concentration.   Fill Out The  Enquire Now Form  Below  To Access Personal Strategic Planning: 4-step Action Plan To Strengthen Your Personal Skills. + The 11 Programs Listed Above. Write That Book Now Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Releasing the Writer Inside You Are you there?  Can you hear me?  I’m the writer inside you.  Please help me… I’m trapped in here!  Most people know how to write.  On a daily basis, millions of people compose emails, letters to friends, journals, blogs, and/or Facebook statuses.  But let’s face it, not everyone is a good writer.  So what’s the difference between a good writer and a, well, not-so-good one? For most of us, the difference comes down to one thing: accessing the true writers inside of us. Somewhere within you, there is a writer waiting to get out, waiting for you to make the leap from just “someone who can write” to a full-fledged “writer When you finally release your inner writer, you may find that it was a caged stallion, eager and ready to run. The good news is that finding this writer within you is actually very achievable.  For most writers, it just requires dedication, practice, and a willingness to work outside your comfort zone. Why Should You Write a Book? (3 Reasons You Should, Even if You’re Not a Writer) You can learn how to write a book. Inside of you, there lies the ability to write your first book on a subject that’s important to you. But the biggest reason was to spread my message about subjects that I felt very passionate about. Writing a Book is a Skill You Can Master Just like riding a bicycle, writing a book is a skill that you can master with focused practice and repetition. I’ve created several resources and courses that will teach you exactly HOW to write your first book, including my best-selling product but today I want to talk about why writing a book and becoming a published author will change your life. Writing a Book is an Instant Credibility Booster From a business perspective, writing a book is the fastest way to gain credibility, establish yourself as an expert in your field, and build a professional reputation. It can also be used as a promotional item and marketing tool for your business. You Can Share Your Message With Others Another reason you should write a book is because it provides an opportunity for you to write and publish something on a subject that is important to you, and that you will have for the rest of your life. You can express your creativity while sharing your message with others. One of the Universal Laws of Success is the “Law of Service” and it says: Your rewards in life will be in direct proportion to the value of your service to others. The more you work, study, and develop your ability to contribute more to the lives and well-being of others, the better life you will have in all areas. Chances are if you are passionate about a certain subject, other people are too. And by writing a book about that subject, you can help others in their own lives and, in turn, help yourself achieve a more fulfilled life.  “True happiness and fulfillment come when you feel that you are making a valuable contribution to your worldIf you could write a book that would change the world, what would it be about? Fill out the Enquire Now form below to Get Your Free Guides to: 20 step Author Quick Start Guide to writing a book. My 6-Step Book Planning Worksheet 10 Questions You Must Be Able to Answer How to Write a Book and Become a Published Author.