Write That Book Now

Write That Book Now

Releasing the Writer Inside You

  • Are you there?  Can you hear me?  I’m the writer inside you.  Please help me… I’m trapped in here!
  •  Most people know how to write.  On a daily basis, millions of people compose emails, letters to friends, journals, blogs, and/or Facebook statuses.  But let’s face it, not everyone is a good writer.  So what’s the difference between a good writer and a, well, not-so-good one?
  • For most of us, the difference comes down to one thing: accessing the true writers inside of us.
  • Somewhere within you, there is a writer waiting to get out, waiting for you to make the leap from just “someone who can write” to a full-fledged “writer
  • When you finally release your inner writer, you may find that it was a caged stallion, eager and ready to run.
  • The good news is that finding this writer within you is actually very achievable.  For most writers, it just requires dedication, practice, and a willingness to work outside your comfort zone.

Why Should You Write a Book? (3 Reasons You Should, Even if You’re Not a Writer)

  • You can learn how to write a book.
  • Inside of you, there lies the ability to write your first book on a subject that’s important to you.
  • But the biggest reason was to spread my message about subjects that I felt very passionate about.
  • Writing a Book is a Skill You Can Master
    • Just like riding a bicycle, writing a book is a skill that you can master with focused practice and repetition.
    • I’ve created several resources and courses that will teach you exactly HOW to write your first book, including my best-selling product but today I want to talk about why writing a book and becoming a published author will change your life.
  • Writing a Book is an Instant Credibility Booster
    • From a business perspective, writing a book is the fastest way to gain credibility, establish yourself as an expert in your field, and build a professional reputation. It can also be used as a promotional item and marketing tool for your business.
  • You Can Share Your Message With Others
    • Another reason you should write a book is because it provides an opportunity for you to write and publish something on a subject that is important to you, and that you will have for the rest of your life. You can express your creativity while sharing your message with others.
    • One of the Universal Laws of Success is the “Law of Service” and it says:
    • Your rewards in life will be in direct proportion to the value of your service to others. The more you work, study, and develop your ability to contribute more to the lives and well-being of others, the better life you will have in all areas.
    • Chances are if you are passionate about a certain subject, other people are too. And by writing a book about that subject, you can help others in their own lives and, in turn, help yourself achieve a more fulfilled life.

 “True happiness and fulfillment come when you feel that you are making a valuable contribution to your world

If you could write a book that would change the world, what would it be about?
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